Jul 5, 2012

Thursday's Beauty Post: Hair oils

Let me tell you about a hair product I absolutely love: hair oils! My hair is very dry and often unruly, so oil based serums or pure oils are perfect for me as my hair drinks it right up. Due to my job and the nice perks of blogging I get to try a variety of brands and honestly usually don't buy another bottle of the same as there are so many out there to try.

I bought the little bottles in the middle myself and used up the one from Morocconoil already. It's the perfect size to try to see if you like the product and was very convenient to take with me while backpacking with my boyfriend. I love the smell of this one the most: it's coconutty and floral like a summer scent and quite yellowish when you pour a little bit into the palm of your hand. Makes my hair very soft, too.

In terms of usage the Moroccanoil and Nashi Argan oil are the ones I use on damp hair before blowing out my hair. Nashi Argan oil's smell put me off at first, but I could get over it and find it delivers the same results as the one from Moroccanoil. So it's a matter of preference I guess.

The rather new products of Pantene Pro-V and L'Oréal are serums and oils I sparingly use - unlike the other two I mentioned - on already dry hair. As a last step of blow drying or curling my hair I distribute a tiny amount of product in the palms of my hand and run my fingers through my hair. This last step ensures that the fragile ends are protected and the top layer of hair is smoothed out. 

 Do you use hair oils as well and what are your recommendations?


A Cup of Nostalgia said...

I have thick curly hair, so oils are my best friends too! It's amazing how much the texture and feel of the hair improves in just one go! I have tried argan oil (from another brand) and my dry dull hair literally sprang to life from just one tiny application! Another oil I discovered recently is "castor oil" for hair growth and strength, but use this sparingly as it is quite heavy. And of course, there is olive oil that I can always depend on!

I've heard good things about L'Oreal Elseve and since I have never tried oil serums, I can't wait to try one!

Thanks for this "natural beauty" post - really enjoyed it and the pictures are lovely as always :)

Styleseeking Zurich said...

I don't know why but I haven't had that "oh my god, my hair has never looked that good moment" many seem to have especially with Morrocanoil. I would never want to do without hair oils though, they are so beneficial for us with dry hair and leave a beatiful glossy sheen.

What I noticed since using these products is that my hair seems to grow faster! I never came across castor oil, where do you buy it if I may ask?

As for oilve oil; I once made a hair mask with eggs and olive oil and whatnot. My hair NEVER looked that shiny and healthy but I couldn't get the smell out for days. So I'm steering clear of it, even though I know the eggs were the party pooper... :)

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Oh I didn't use the MoroccanOil brand - it was another brand of argan oil. Perhaps your hair was already healthy? Because when I first tried it, my hair was in a pretty bad state, so I could notice the improvement right away :) But it is slightly frustrating (and hilarious) when everyone else has that "aha" moment and you don't - I've been there more times than I can count!

Oh my goodness, you are right about increased hair growth! I have been noticing it too and this isn't a very good thing for me because I have enough as it is and every time I trim it, it seems to grow back the very next day and it is a challenge to keep up with, lol! Added to that, it's summer and long hair can be a killer with the heat! But I use the oils mainly to condition my hair and decrease the frizz factor =)

In addition to the oils, I've also been using a conditioner called Mane N' Tail which is reputed to make hair grow (I unknowingly purchased this!). Apparently, it was used for horses' hair (haha) but it has been adapted for human use - anyway, a lot of people report increased hair growth after using this. I didn't notice anything (probably because my hair grows like weeds anyway) but it did make my hair rubbery, so I wouldn't recommend it...I only mentioned it because I was using it with the oils, so that may also have contributed to the hair growth =)

Sure thing - I purchased my castor oil at my local Wal Mart but I would recommend a natural health store? Try to get it as pure as possible, because mine has other oils mixed in.

I've tried olive oil alone (b/c that is the most convenient way) but never with eggs! That sounds interesting though - I should try it at least once, as an experiment ;)

Sorry I wrote a novel! But thanks for the follow-up :)

Reviews of castor oil:


Where to find it in Switzerland:


- Mariam

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