Apr 14, 2012

I'm not mad. I'm disappointed. There's a difference.

Denim shirt, blazer, bag, shoes & earrings - from local shops in Seoul, Scarf -Missoni, Pants - Zara, Bangles - c/o SAL Y LIMON *Springtime is bangletime! Have a look at the amazingly colorful bangles from SYL here!

I really enjoy dressing myself clean and boyish these days - it's all about clear lines and being minimalistic. One item that's missing is the perfect spring trench coat though. Do you prefer the classic beige trench coat or loose-fitting trendy ones?


Secondhand Stella said...

I love a classic trench.

Gorgeous scarf!

Tine said...

Love your shoes! I prefer the loose-fitting ones, but I also love my classic trench (always)

Fifi said...

A friend talks to me about your blog 'cause I'll move to love to Zurich in July!!!

I'm glad to be in contact =)!
I follow you (I love the blog, and your looks are gorgeous)!


The stel style said...

nice outfit!!!!


rachelrianne said...

i love the whole look -- esp love the denim wash and the scarf's pattern! simple, clean, cozy, and classic.

and great photos. kudos to your photog.

Ina said...

Hey there :)
I guess if you're stickng to your current clean&boyish style, I'd recommend the loose-fitting trendy one. Furthermore loose-fitting things are also better or let's say easier to wear when it's getting warmer. A trench coat might look like too much on those warmer days. But I don't know what the weather's like in Korea right now^^' ~

Ehm, I have a question, too. Hopefully you'll answer my little comment (oh right, would you mind leaving me the comment at my blog? So I'll get a notification? I know, I'm asking for too much^^'). How many earrings do you have? I'm currently having 1 on both sides but I'm considering a 3rd one. But there's only enough space on my left ear. But I don't know if asymmetry looks good with 3 earrings...

Love ♥

alltagsmoi said...

Dear MiJi,
Thank you so much for your answer. Hehe, somehow I was really happy when reading it :)

I'm seriously considering the 3rd earring now. I'm almost done with my exams and it'd be a great milestone I think. It gets some symbolic meaning then.

Anyway, I'm curious about your 4th earring. Hopefully, we both'll get our new earrings ;)

Greetings from Germany,

Unknown said...

ich hatte heute von kopf bis fuß schwarz an und ich hatte auch meinen boyfriend-blazer angehabt.. er ist einfach am praktischsten.. und dir steht er auch!
die schuhe gefallen mir ebenfalls !

the dreamer said...

Absolutely LOVE that tote!

Sarah x

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