Feb 6, 2012

Tuesday's Detail: Hot Pink & Gold & Khaki

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Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring? Four different types - do you know which category you belong to?

Head over to thetwist and read about why I chose hot pink, gold and khaki!



Manicure Time said...

I'm a mix of summer and spring, but I do not agree with all the "rules" when it comes to colours! For example, "they" say I should wear silver jewellery, but I rarely wear silver. Gold looks much better on me:)Nevertheless it's a very interesting subject!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@manicure time: I think there should be more types.. it's not that specific therefore. I shouldn't be wearing gold as well ;) I agree, it's interesting to see how colors match different types!

Unknown said...

wuuunderschöner schmuck !!!!!!!

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

Yup, I guess I'm a winter.

But I don't agree about the color pairings: most greens bring out the olive undertones in my skin and make me look yellow, and light blue makes me look zombie-like.

I do agree, however about Magenta, Red, Black and White, and I'd like to add cranberry/burgundy red and turquoise to the mix :-)

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