Feb 16, 2012

A little piece of Egypt in Seoul

Coat - H&M, Shawl - Saidi, Bag - Vintage

Who would have thought that this wonderful bright shawl is multifunctional - it can turn into a table cloth, bath towel or even into a curtain. The shawl looks like it's tenuous but the material is thick and therefore very suited for cold days. The golden shimmer of the Egyptian Saidi-Shawl refines every style. I'm in freezing Seoul right now and more than happy to have this muffler with me! Have a look at the whole collection with vibrant colors and patterns here!



Nhi said...

what a lovely scarf:)

Larissa said...

Very pretty, Mi-Ji!
Mir händs total verhängt im Januar und etz bisch scho in Seoul!!! Schaad! Hoffe mir schaffeds mol, wennd zrugg bisch...
E gueti Ziit!

Beautycountry said...

Pretty scarf!! :D

Unknown said...

ich lieeeeeebe den schal !!!!!

Tine/Inattendu said...

Ui ist der schön!

Kelly said...

You must have an amazing collection of earrings!!!

Debi said...

Hi Mi-ji,

Where do you normally shop in Seoul? I'm going there soon ^^ thanks!

Unknown said...

Your scarf is gorgeous!
Btw, I just got back from Seoul, Korea too!
Did you have fun?
I know it was FREEEEEZING but i loved it! haha


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