Jan 12, 2012

Thursday's Beauty Post: Christian Dior Crème Abricot

Well-maintained nails are a must for me and as I do my manicures myself I'm always on the lookout for amazing products. I've heard such great things about this cuticle cream that I thought I'd splurge and give it a try. It's fast becoming a luxurious part of my nighttime ritual to pamper myself with... All the better that I can actually see results: the condition of my cuticles has never been better!

What's your favorite cuticle cream (if you use any)?


Tine said...

I've totally got to try this!

Pırpır said...

Hello Nesli,

Mine is: Mavala Penetrating Cuticle Cream. It is tiny but does miracles. :)


Yulia L said...

Thank you for the recommendation, now I will have to try it. Currently using and enjoying Lush "Lemon Flutter". Happy New Year, dear Mi-Ji and Nesli!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Pirpir: Thanks for your recommendation! Today I went by the Mavala counter but didn't see this product you're talking about. They just hat a cuticle stick. Maybe I'll have to look at a larger store.

@ Yulia: I never bought Lemon Flutter but have tried it at the store. In my opion Lemon Flutter smells better but is a bit too oily, whereas Crème Abricot is sticky but absobrbs quite well. I mostly use it during nighttime because of its stickiness (and I'd like the product to soak in during my beauty sleep :) )

Unknown said...

Nesli'cim ben Sally Hansen'in vitamin E oil'ini kullaniyorum ve epey memnunum..bunuda bir denicem ama:)
Btw, I love your beauty posts! So elegant yet effective:)


Cinja said...

klingt cool :) ich benutze immer eine ölhaltige handcreme von the body shop

Pırpır said...

Well, I've got mine from Helsinki. Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive in İstanbul. :/ It says in French: 'creme cuticule penetrante' on the other side. I combine this with Mavala's 'Eau Emolliente' Cuticle Remover. Maybe this helps you to fnd it easier. :)

Pırpır :)

eve_eveliina said...

i love my bodyshop almond oil hand and nail cream its light enough to sink in properly yet leaving my hands soft just love it :)

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Don't use any but I think I should start =) I love these beauty posts! I would so love to see a post on natural beauty recipes that we can all access and reap the benefits from! You are always glowing Nesli, so let's have some of your beauty secrets ;)

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