Jan 13, 2012

New in

My first H&M nail polish! I can't believe that I've hesitated to buy it!
It's so good - the covering, color and the stability! I was looking for a dark red one for a long time and I was thinking about getting Chanel. I'm so glad that I gave the H&M nail polish a try first!

Black has so many different shades such as the one with the zipper detail that I got from Zara - it's neither black nor grey! The other one's from Tally Weijl and really deep black. It goes with everything and that's why I stick to them so much.

Have a fun friday night everyone!



Fashion On Duty said...

I have had mixed experiences with H&M nailpolishes. Depending on the colour they took way longer to dry than other brands (too long, really).

My favourite brand at the moment is Essence (e.g. at Manor in Switzerland) - good quality, great colour selection, and the best prices. I especially like their mini-bottles for fancier colours that I know I won't use for a long time.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@fashion on duty: I guess the dark red one is one of them that doesn't take too long to dry! I really recommend this nail polish!
But thanks for the information!
I have Essence as well - and you're totally right, they're very satisfying!


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