Jan 14, 2012

Multiple layers

As none of my coats keep me really warm I often wear lots of layers like in this outfit. You can't see it from the photos but there's also a cardigan and an undershirt involved which unfortunately sometimes can add up and look a little too bulky. I hope this isn't the case here, though. I really like the sparkly top which adds some interest to this rather monochromatic outfit.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Necklace: thrifted Ring: from a shop in Istanbul
Top: Zara Nail polish: Estée Lauder Perfect Storm

Coat: C&A Scarf: Zara Bag: FREDsBRUDER


Cinja said...

sehr schönes outfit :)

Gawgus things... said...

Great outfit - it's always a challenge to stay warm in winter!

Emma xx

Secondhand Stella said...

I love the sparkly top! I agree... layering can make me feel too bulky sometimes, but this outfit is so cute!

Anonymous said...

nice outfit!
your hair looks so pretty too. what products do you use on them? i really envy you because i'd love to have hair like yours.

chfashiontrend said...

schönes outfit :)


tuguna said...

neslihancim ne kadar guzel saclarin var, cok saglikli ve gur gorunuyorlar benimkiler cok zayif, ozendim:)

Unknown said...

your look is really cool =)


Styleseeking Zurich said...

Thank you for your kind comments!

@ anonymous: I never really stick to a particular brand or product but I always use conditioner after shampoo and once a week a treatment mask. When I blow my hair dry I use a protective spray and and after an oily serum to smooth my hair (like the Awapuhi Wild Ginger treatment oil by Paul Mitchell I wrote about a couple of weeks ago). This way I can grow them without too many split ends. Hope this helps.

@ Tuguna: Sagol canim, saclarim pek sorun cikarmiyor bana cok sükür, oldukca gürler. Kücükken cok zayif ve ince telli saclarim varmis... Hepimizin dert ettigi konular ayri napicaksin.. :)

Subna Hirani said...

Your dress is so perfect color,you look amazing. Thanks for sharing us.
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A Cup of Nostalgia said...

I think the scarf here makes all the difference no, it doesn't look bulky at all. I've seen bulkier living in Canada =) I loved reading about your hair routine, no wonder you hair is so long and luscious!

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