Jan 31, 2012

Tuesday's Beauty Post: Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

A dear friend gave me this Sephora Nail Polish Remover and I'm so thankful that I got introduced to it! This product is beyond amazing: It is formulated without acetone or parabens and it works so good. You just have to dip your fingers into the foam for a few seconds and everything's off your nails - even long wearing nail polish traces.

This is serious magic in a bottle!


Jan 30, 2012

Lac Léman

As MiJi mentioned in her previous post we had the pleasure of visiting Geneva a couple of days ago. We rarely get the chance to spend an entire day together and therefore thoroughly enjoyed our day trip. After an interesting and lovely meeting we had a couple of hours left to explore the city, and as can be explected we hit some shops we don't have in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

These pictures were taken near the lake of Geneva which was even beautiful and calm on this cold day...

Coat: Asos
Jacket: Zara
Silk top: thrifted
Trousers: H&M
Wedges: Tchibo
Bag: Maison Mollerus

Currently wearing two watches due to the fact that my other half is many time zones away...

Watches: both Tissot

Ring: H&M
Nail Polish: Chanel 475 Dragon

Jan 29, 2012

Laugh till your stomach hurts

Blazer & Scarf - local shop in Seoul, Bag - vintage, Denim shirt & Boots - H&M

Neslihan and I took a short trip to Geneva last week! Geneva is a beautiful city and luckily I'll be there next week again! Yay! I hope I can take lots of photos to give you an impression!


Jan 26, 2012

Thursday's Beauty Post: Les Roses et le Noir de Guerlain

Probably just like every other girl I'm drawn to beautiful packaging. With Guerlain, you know that you won't only get collector-worthy design but also quality products that deliver. That's why I was more than excited to receive* the spring 2012 collection, which hit stores in Zurich last week.

Météorites Cruel Gardénia - Illuminating iridescent powder limited edition

I'm not a fan of glitter on my face but I love subtle shimmer that has been strategically placed to highlight the face. This beautiful highlighting powder is almost too pretty to ruin the rosette but I have been using it for weeks just above my cheekbones, sometimes also down the center of my nose or my cupids bow and love the iridescent, cool-toned shimmer.

Ecrin 4 couleurs in 11 Les Roses - Long-lasting eyeshadows

The spring 2012 line offers two two eyeshadow palettes with 4 colors each and one with 6 colors. I received the one with the pink tones in different finishes: there is an iridescent frosted pink, an intense pink with a matte effect, a raspberry pink with a velvety finish and a metallic violet. I'm not used to wearing pinks on my eyelids but I'm very fond of the ALCATAR'EYES violet so far...

Noir G de Guerlain mascara - exceptional complete mascara

One of the products that has been created for this spring line is the Noir G mascara with its integrated mirror for perfect, meticulous application. Even though I never apply my mascara outside of my own bathroom (unlike lipstick for instance) I don't really need a mirror but what I love most about this new toy is the fact that it's refillable. Needless to say this is the most luxurious and extravagant mascara I own. I really like the application of the intense glossy black color that curls and lengthens my lashes beatifully but sadly doesn't give much volume in my opinion. The mascara smells unexpectedly nice. In fact the House of Guerlain has created a signature fragrance with delicate notes of flowery peach, rose and jasmine for Noir G, which really makes this mascara extraordinary...

*these products were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for consideration on Styleseeking Zurich

Jan 25, 2012

Wednesday's Interior Decoration Inspiration: light and airy

As we all entered a new year and I personally also a new chapter in my life, one of my most urgent resolutions was to declutter the space around me. The first month of the year is almost over and I'm still not done with putting away stuff I don't need and want to see around me anymore, which mostly concerns my work place. This rather minimalistic flat inspires me to go for light and airy, keeping only things that are functional and pretty.


Jan 23, 2012

Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt

Although it's only the last week of January, I'm already fed up with winter dressing. The printed top which peeks through is actually sleeveless with a cut-out at the back. Can't wait until it's time to unbutton the shirts and wear some more interesting looks.

Necklace: New Yorker
Top, Cardigan, Trousers: H&M
Coat: Asos
Bag: Maison Mollerus


Jan 15, 2012

Sunday's Detail: Tucked in shirt

Today's Detail: Belt - Buckles&Belts, Printed shirt - thrifted, Denim shirt - H&M, Pants - Zara


Jan 14, 2012

Multiple layers

As none of my coats keep me really warm I often wear lots of layers like in this outfit. You can't see it from the photos but there's also a cardigan and an undershirt involved which unfortunately sometimes can add up and look a little too bulky. I hope this isn't the case here, though. I really like the sparkly top which adds some interest to this rather monochromatic outfit.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Necklace: thrifted Ring: from a shop in Istanbul
Top: Zara Nail polish: Estée Lauder Perfect Storm

Coat: C&A Scarf: Zara Bag: FREDsBRUDER

Jan 13, 2012

New in

My first H&M nail polish! I can't believe that I've hesitated to buy it!
It's so good - the covering, color and the stability! I was looking for a dark red one for a long time and I was thinking about getting Chanel. I'm so glad that I gave the H&M nail polish a try first!

Black has so many different shades such as the one with the zipper detail that I got from Zara - it's neither black nor grey! The other one's from Tally Weijl and really deep black. It goes with everything and that's why I stick to them so much.

Have a fun friday night everyone!


Jan 12, 2012

Thursday's Beauty Post: Christian Dior Crème Abricot

Well-maintained nails are a must for me and as I do my manicures myself I'm always on the lookout for amazing products. I've heard such great things about this cuticle cream that I thought I'd splurge and give it a try. It's fast becoming a luxurious part of my nighttime ritual to pamper myself with... All the better that I can actually see results: the condition of my cuticles has never been better!

What's your favorite cuticle cream (if you use any)?

Jan 7, 2012

All bundled up

I know it's been ages since I posted an outfit of mine but the truth is, I was either totally out of inspiration or the weather was so miserable that I didn't want to step outside to have pictures taken. We didn't really have much snow so far but instead some pretty heavy wind storms...
Here's what I wore Saturday to run errands:

Beanie: handmade by my mom
Scarf: C&A

Rings: Rhomberg
Leather Gloves: H&M
Nail polish: Estée Lauder Blue Dahlia

Coat: Asos
Sweater: Zara
Trousers: H&M
Wedges: Tchibo
Bag: Liebeskind
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