Nov 2, 2011

Currently craving: FREITAG Reference limited edition bags

For people who don't know about Freitag (by now you should all know, go read our post here) these bags might not seem that special. But considering all bags are made out of old truck tarpaulins, this is a big deal! When you think about it, how many logistics companies are running pink trucks? Yeah, that's how rare they are...

These panic pink bags would surely brighten up the dull winter months ahead of us, don't you agree?

How to get your hands on them:

Launch in-store will happen on November 10, or you might get lucky on November 22 when they'll be available at the online store. Other color options include blunt black, striking silver, brute brown and absolute anthracite.

Click here to see the video for this limited edition collection.


Cinja said...

wow, die machen ja auch coole taschen :P

Gugu said...

love this colour!

Sean Santiago said...

Thank you guys for your coverage of Freitag, it's great to find desirable bags not made of leather!

Unknown said...

die sind ja cool ! =)

Plabsb said...

very practical! i really like it... i would like to have one in black though, pink is too hard!

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