Oct 16, 2011

Sunday's Recipe: Zeytinyagli taze fasulye (Turkish fresh green beans in olive oil)

As most of you know by now, I am of Turkish origin and cherish my heritage very much. If you asked me about the Turkish cuisine my answer would be totally biased so I'll ask you instead: Have you ever tried Turkish specialities? Which is your favorite dish?

One of the dishes I love is Zeytinyagli taze fasulye, fresh green beans in olive oil. Yes, not with but rather in olive oil. There is a plethora of olive oil dishes that are served as cold starters or side dishes and this is a very popular one.

I did this at the end of summer with beans plucked straight from the garden. Had I only written this post earlier so that Iconjane, who had a sudden craving for Zeytinyagli fasulye the other day, could have used the recipe I'm about to share.

At this point I'd like to redirect you to a blog I think is very interesting and also where I found the recipe: almost turkish recipes. It has provided me with lots of ideas and and I love it when Banu writes a bit more about the origins of a certain dish...

Even though mine didn't taste like my mom's, which is in my opinion the worlds most delicious Zeytinyagli taze fasulye, it was still pretty good!

Afiyet olsun (bon appetit)!



nilü said...

nesli çok güzel görünüyor canım çekti

nilü said...

nesli çok güzel görünüyor canım çekti

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