Oct 17, 2011

Mom's nagging


A dear friend surprised me with a cute gift the other day! Look at the name!



Carmo said...

So cute!! :)

Help me win this Blogger's Battle! one like in the L'Oréal page, another like in MARIANA MONTEIRO!


thank you *

Fash Boulevard said...

That is so cute! Love that the picture moves. I love lip balm and I love surprises! So sweet! :) Great post.

I would love if you could stop by my blog, Fash Boulevard. My latest post features a photo shoot I did for JewelMint! I would love if you could check it out. xo


Anonymous said...

I'm new in Zürich and as you both seem familiar with the city, maybe you could help me.

I have two new items that I regret buying; 1. A leather jacket from Iro 2. A Cacherel dress. Both rather expensive to just be hanging in my closet. Do you know a luxury secondhand shop in Zürich that maybe would be interested in buying or selling these for me? I know it's a bit much to ask for, but if you happen to know a place, it would be fantastic.

Thank you for at beautiful blog and guides to Zürich.

Best Regards

nonnapuffo said...


kisses from your follower! ♡

Styleseeking Zurich said...

To C.;

I just stumbled upon http://www.markentussi.com/, I'm not really sure though if they exclusively sell "luxury" items...

maybe they could address you to the right place?


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!

I will try to ask them;-)


Macy said...

nice color! can you share your skincare routine please? :)

Unknown said...

das ist aber süüüß =)

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