Oct 10, 2011

Black is such a happy color

Collage by me

photos via we heart it, lauren woodward, everyone loves fashion, blue is in fashion this year, angelica blick

These days I feel like wearing black more than ever. My mom told me that she's sent a package and I assume that it could be a black blazer - yay! I told her that I was looking for a simple black one at an affordable price some time ago. I'll let you know the content of the packet...



Cinja said...

wirklich schöne fotos! :)

pushups with polish said...

nothing wrong with black according to these pics :)

Jacqlyn said...

Oh gosh, I am a sucker for black. At one point, mom started to buy me colored clothes to stray me away from the mundane (so she thought) shade of gray. No thank you!

Anonymous said...

i love the black colour!
it's so great! and it really goes with everything!

Fashion Philosophy

burcu d. said...

aaah, die schuhe sind genial. scheinen von prada zu sein, oder?

Unknown said...

ich liebe schwarz über über alles !

Eleni said...

i couldn't agree more! x


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