Sep 10, 2011

Grunge boots

1. Dolce Vita Dolcetta buckle boots 2. Vagabond 3. Topshop 4. Monki

The mix of all these 4 models would make the perfect grunge boot! Don't you think so? I love solid heels such as the ones above that doesn't sound too loudly since I don't like the pitch of dainty heels! Heels has to be toneless (!) or make kind of a deep and heavy sound. In my opinion it's not really sexy if heels make so much noise - women appear more aggressive somehow..

My fave idea: Take the Dolcetta boots, remove the buckles and the handle things on the top, replace the shoe heels with the Vagabond ones and replace the shoe material with the Topshop or Monki leather! I wonder if such boots exist somewhere...?!

Have a good weekend dear readers!

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Serena said...

Oh love all those boots!!

Love from Seoul,

Anonymous said...

loving the last boots!

Tereza Š. said...

love the monki and topshop ones( remindes me of acne pistol = my dream boots :D)..but I really hate the material which are the vagabond ones made of.

Carmo said...

love the vagabond's boot! a chelsea with heel! :)

Unknown said...

ich liebe solche schuheeeeee !!! kann man super gut mit allem kombinieren =)

Jisu said...

The last boots! I must have!
It looks so comfy :)

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