Sep 30, 2011

Boutiques in Zurich visited with my Jopo

Remember when I introduced you to some cafés in Zurich in August? It was part of a collaboration with the Urban Bike Store, the only place in Switzerland that sells the oh so pretty Jopo bikes. Last week I grabbed my Jopo and rode to two exceptional boutiques in Zurich I would like to introduce to you. They are gems to locals as well as to out of towners, both with a very distinct flair.

When I’ve heard about the opening of Myracle I was really excited to finally have the chance to visit this fairly new boutique, mostly because I’ve always loved the shopping experience in Istanbul and couldn’t wait to see how the owner Meryem Yalcinöz managed to put the unique feeling this eclectic and stylish city evokes into her boutique.

In my fantasy, the customers would also be served a cup of Turkish coffee… In reality, the coffee had to wait but I was oohing and aahing over every little detail I found in there. Istanbul themed magazines, coffee trays and Turkish brands you couldn’t find anywhere else in Zurich (or dare I say in Switzerland): Machka, Ipekyol, Koton and many more.

Chatting with Meryem about how she runs her boutique and chooses the items she deems worthy to be sold in her boutique was just as interesting and fun as trying on clothes from the summer and fall selections. This boutique definitely offers a variety that was missing in Zurich and I can totally recommend it to you.


Myracle - The Boutique
Istanbul Fashion Wonders
Freyastrasse 21
8004 Zurich

The second shop I would like to talk about is one I’ve passed a couple of times and the many mannequins lined up next to each other on a wall, all in black bikinis, always caught my attention. That day I finally gave in and went in to see what it was all about.

Noelie & Loulou is a concept store with a focus on handmade design. The pristine all white interior is above all the perfect canvas for the treasures that are waiting to be found. Interior accessories such as patchwork blankets, cushions and scented candles as well as hand-knitted scarfes and baby shoes are amongst the things that can be found at Noelie & Loulou. The bikinis on the wall? The lovely owner explained to me that you can personally choose the design of a bikini, mix and match the tops and bottoms and choose from a variety of colors, not just black as displayed on the big wall. They will then be handmade in Costa Rica and available 3 weeks after an order. I know where I will get my bikini for next summer... and in the meantime I'm burning the exquisite Quince & Heliotrope Petals candle from Joya, of course entirely hand-crafted and available at Noelie & Loulou.


Noelie & Loulou
Bauhallengasse 7
8004 Zurich


Secondhand Stella said...

Look so cute!!! I love boutiques.

Unknown said...

super süße details !!!!!!

fashionist said...

nice photos ;)

GvN said...

I have to visit the 1st one too!!!

XOXO Giorgia

Cinja said...

schöne bilder :)

Terry said...

I love Zürich for having such lovely and stylish little shops!!! Tomorrow I'll check these two out, thanks for the advice!

I just moved to Zürich and your blog makes me want to settle down here!!

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violette said...

First i would like to thank you. Your blog helps me to discover Zurich and its hidden treasures. Yesterday, i went to both. I especially fell in love with Noelie & Loulou. And Bettina the who runs the shop is so lovely. Definitely a MUST in Zurich.

A Cup of Nostalgia said...

Fantastic pictures as always! That mustard cardigan looks so cosy!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Violette: Thanks a lot for your comment, I'm glad you liked Noelie & Loulou, it's very unique isn't it? Hope you're enjoying Zurich so far! :)


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