Sep 30, 2011

Boutiques in Zurich visited with my Jopo

Remember when I introduced you to some cafés in Zurich in August? It was part of a collaboration with the Urban Bike Store, the only place in Switzerland that sells the oh so pretty Jopo bikes. Last week I grabbed my Jopo and rode to two exceptional boutiques in Zurich I would like to introduce to you. They are gems to locals as well as to out of towners, both with a very distinct flair.

When I’ve heard about the opening of Myracle I was really excited to finally have the chance to visit this fairly new boutique, mostly because I’ve always loved the shopping experience in Istanbul and couldn’t wait to see how the owner Meryem Yalcinöz managed to put the unique feeling this eclectic and stylish city evokes into her boutique.

In my fantasy, the customers would also be served a cup of Turkish coffee… In reality, the coffee had to wait but I was oohing and aahing over every little detail I found in there. Istanbul themed magazines, coffee trays and Turkish brands you couldn’t find anywhere else in Zurich (or dare I say in Switzerland): Machka, Ipekyol, Koton and many more.

Chatting with Meryem about how she runs her boutique and chooses the items she deems worthy to be sold in her boutique was just as interesting and fun as trying on clothes from the summer and fall selections. This boutique definitely offers a variety that was missing in Zurich and I can totally recommend it to you.


Myracle - The Boutique
Istanbul Fashion Wonders
Freyastrasse 21
8004 Zurich

The second shop I would like to talk about is one I’ve passed a couple of times and the many mannequins lined up next to each other on a wall, all in black bikinis, always caught my attention. That day I finally gave in and went in to see what it was all about.

Noelie & Loulou is a concept store with a focus on handmade design. The pristine all white interior is above all the perfect canvas for the treasures that are waiting to be found. Interior accessories such as patchwork blankets, cushions and scented candles as well as hand-knitted scarfes and baby shoes are amongst the things that can be found at Noelie & Loulou. The bikinis on the wall? The lovely owner explained to me that you can personally choose the design of a bikini, mix and match the tops and bottoms and choose from a variety of colors, not just black as displayed on the big wall. They will then be handmade in Costa Rica and available 3 weeks after an order. I know where I will get my bikini for next summer... and in the meantime I'm burning the exquisite Quince & Heliotrope Petals candle from Joya, of course entirely hand-crafted and available at Noelie & Loulou.


Noelie & Loulou
Bauhallengasse 7
8004 Zurich

Sep 28, 2011

It's always there

Mint silken blouse - Mango, Blazer - Zara, Boots - H&M, Bag & Scarf - from South Korea, Earclip - fleamarket

Neslihan took these pictures right before heading to the Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel to have a special dinner. More on that later...

Sep 26, 2011

Date night on vacation

I'm not sure if I should call it even "date night" because on vacation, every night is date night and I fully took advantage of it and wore some dresses that otherwise rarely get out of my closet. There could have been so many more outfit posts but blame the Italian-style dining... meaning very late! When the sun sets and the stars come out you don't want to bother with a camera* but just go out and enjoy yourself...

This is an outfit from the last couple of days of our vacation at the seaside. After 5 exhilarating days in Rome it was the perfect ending, including lazy days at the beach, cocktails on the roof top of our hotel and fresh fish for dinner.

Dress: Asos Belt: Zara Slingbacks: Bata

* of course besides the mandatory twitpic ^^

That was all from my summer vacation... Hope you enjoyed reading about it!

Sep 22, 2011

"Last day of summer" recipes

I'd celebrate the 21st of June even if it wasn't my birthday because the beginning of summer is almost more exciting than getting a year older. So I thought, why not celebrate the last day of it as well? That's why I'm sharing these two recipes I recently tested and absolutely love not on a Sunday as my usual "kitchen heals soul" posts but on this very last day of summer, at least at the northern hemisphere.

Fig salad, recipe adapted by Jamie Oliver

He calls it the sexiest salad in the world and who am I to argue with him? This salad is full of unexpected taste sensations like the hint of lemon zests and fresh peppermint leaves hiding between the rocket. And not to mention the buffalo mozzarella and the honey dressing drizzled over!

Summer peach and balsamic pizza, recipe found on Love and Olive Oil, adapted from Two Peas & Their Pod

Peaches are my favorite summer fruit but I would never have thought to use them on a pizza (or flatbread, whatever you want to call it). But this tangy and sweet fruit goes so well with goat cheese, the result is an absolutely delicious and unusual combination.

Wishing you all a beautiful last day of summer!

Sep 20, 2011

Arrivederci Roma

A trip to Rome wouldn’t be complete without seeing Vatican City, that’s why we scheduled a visit on our last day. I planned my outfit ahead for this day because I like to be dressed appropriate for such an occasion. After spending the whole morning there we enjoyed our last day to the fullest with the best gelato I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Let's hope the coin I threw into the Trevi fountain wasn't for nothing and I will return to Rome one day...

The outfit pictures were taken on St. Peter’s Square. I wore this skirt previously in this post almost a year ago.

Top: Zara

Skirt: thrifted Belt: vintage Bag: Asos

Ring: from a shop in Istanbul

Sep 18, 2011

But it never seemed like you missed me

New in: Thrifted ear clips and bracelets

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Sep 13, 2011

"The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate, it's the sand of the Colosseum."

It wouldn't be us if we didn't think about all the movies we've watched that were set at the colosseum as we were there. But I didn't think we would be so fascinated that we planned on visiting it twice in a row (which unfortunately didn't happen because us Ancient Rome freaks spent soo much time at the Forum Romanum). It's great I found this film list so we have many more to watch than Gladiator for the nth time... I'm especially tempted by Spartacus but don't know if it's any good. Have you guys watched it?

Dress: Zara Belt: H&M Bag: vintage Sandals: Vögele Ring: from a shop in Istanbul Earrings: Sportsgirl

Sep 12, 2011

Roman Holiday

Just a little excerpt from the movie Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn to give you an idea in what kind of a mood I was in and what I felt like doing in Rome...

Princess Ann: I could do some of the things I've always wanted to.

Joe Bradley: Like what?

Princess Ann: Oh, you can't imagine. I'd do just whatever I liked all day long.

Joe Bradley: Tell you what. Why don't we do all those things, together?

Princess Ann: But don't you have to work?

Joe Bradley: Work? No. Today's gonna be a holiday.

Princess Ann: But you want to do a lot of silly things?

Joe Bradley: [He takes her hand] ... First wish? One sidewalk cafe, comin' right up. I know just the place. Rocca's.

Top: Mango Lace skirt: Massimo Dutti Belt: vintage Bag: Asos Sandals: Vögele Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent

The last picture is a hint where the next outfit pictures were taken...

Sep 10, 2011

Grunge boots

1. Dolce Vita Dolcetta buckle boots 2. Vagabond 3. Topshop 4. Monki

The mix of all these 4 models would make the perfect grunge boot! Don't you think so? I love solid heels such as the ones above that doesn't sound too loudly since I don't like the pitch of dainty heels! Heels has to be toneless (!) or make kind of a deep and heavy sound. In my opinion it's not really sexy if heels make so much noise - women appear more aggressive somehow..

My fave idea: Take the Dolcetta boots, remove the buckles and the handle things on the top, replace the shoe heels with the Vagabond ones and replace the shoe material with the Topshop or Monki leather! I wonder if such boots exist somewhere...?!

Have a good weekend dear readers!

PS: The make-up Giveaway ends in five days! So, Join in!


Sep 5, 2011

How can such pain exist without physical harm

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