Aug 22, 2011


I tested got2be's Collagen Big Volume Hairspray and made a short list of pros & cons. I was really curious about the product since I have very straight and thick hair. One of the factors that I really appreciate is the fact that the hairspray does not leave any residues. It's perfect to style my pony and when I wear my hair in a bun, it fixes the look for the whole day. got2be is especially useful if you wear your hair open and wish to volumize it. In my case it helped to make my hair look fuller but I couldn't achieve a very voluminous look though because of my thick hair. I guess it will work best for fine hair. Nevertheless I'm really fond of this product - the light mist and the fruity scent reminds me of a refreshing body spray!

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Anonymous said...

mmh das isch de wo so fein schmöckt gäll.. :)
müessti mal usprobiere...!


Unknown said...

ich habe bis jetzt noch nie got 2 b benutzt.. muss mal ausprobieren..

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