Jul 31, 2011

Because sometimes, the people you can't live without can live without you

Currently loving: Mixing patterns!

Top & Earrings - local shop in Seoul, Scarf - Zara, Bag - flea market
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



zwillingsherz said...

miji ech glaube du hesch wohrschinli eini vo de schönschte schmucksammlige. du hesch eifach immer so tolli einzigartigi schmuckstück.

Antonia said...

wow, du siehst super aus! toller stil :)

Unknown said...

du bist echt ein sehr hübsches mädchen ! ich mag deinen schal und deine tasche !

A&G said...

You have a really pretty blog, girl. Do you want to see my blog? http://audrelynmonburn.blogspot.com/
It's writenn in portuguese but you know how to use google translate. Hehe. Kisses, girl.

LF said...

lovely scarf and earrings, great combo!

jess // LF

Anonymous said...

The look is gorgeous, I love the mix of prints ...
pretty kisses

monn cherie said...

i love your makeup, it's always so simple and natural =)


lookslikeapapya said...

super bilder hesch :)

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