May 13, 2011

H&M Autumn/Winter 2011 Preview

Here’s a sneak peek of the coming H&M Fall/Winter 2011 collection. It awaits you not only burgundy, camel, cognac and nude but also more glaring colors. I really like the small enamel purse and the idea of how it adds the right amount of color to your outfits in fall and winter.
If you have an affection for bold jewelry pieces, the fall/winter collection won’t disappoint you. The accessories are either decent or really chunky and richly colored.
The coming fall/winter will be anything than dreary.



Anonymous said...

I adore the look of the new collection. I love the fact that the camel and nude tones of the last season has transcended to the new collection and that we're still incorporating the seventies trend as it's my favourite.
Those chunky jewellery pieces are definitely on my list of items to buy!!!
Great photos too!

Secondhand Stella said...

Love the bright colors!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

can you please steel that bag and send it over here. what an amazing bag, absolutely fabulous. love the colors.

maychi said...

danke fürs teilen:)
freue mich jetzt schon :)

Cinja said...

wow, wirklich tolle sachen. wundervolle farben

INES said...

That collection looks amazing
summer hasn't started and I'm already longing for fall

Anonymous said...

I will live in Zurich next month and I would like to know if it is a good city for shopping,fashion, have fun etc...
thank you very much !

Anonymous said...

OMG! looks amazing :) do you know the shop "berta 4" in Zurich? it is some kind of secondhand jewelery shop... I don't know if I should pass there...?

xoxo sophie

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