May 1, 2011

FREITAG Giveaway

If you've been to Switzerland and especially to Zurich, you might have noticed all those flashy colored bags made of rubbery looking materials.

Almost everyone here in Switzerland heard about this brand: FREITAG

Graphic designer brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag were working on a handy and water-tight messenger bag design. Looking out the window of their flat they noticed all those multicolored trucks passing the cross-Zurich highway. Inspired by those lorries they made a messenger bag out of an old truck tarpaulin.

The success story started with the finding of the tarpaulin's value.

All materials are used and therefore marked by their service on the road.

Since every single bag is made of unique tarpaulins, none of the products have the same color, texture or graphic.

Photo 1,2,3: Freitag materials

Photo 4-9: Private

This is the inimitable entrance of the flagship store in Zurich.

Geroldstrasse 17
8005 Zürich

The unique building really makes you want to go inside and have a look at the products and the architecture.

Popular iPhone Sleeves

Displayed Assortment

Money Purses

Latest line: REFERENCE

This collection refers to urban brainworkers, male and female.
The new line includes not only laptop or messenger bags, but also chic clutches. All items are available in three main colors: Blue, White and Light-Blue. There are countless nuances lying inbetween tough, which challanges the choice since every nuance has its own gloss and finer points.

Did you spot Nesli's HUTCHINS bag?

Which one might have been MiJi's pick? ^^


To our advantage FREITAG was kind enough to provide us with this beautiful iPhone 4 GS Sleeve for the giveaway!

Please note that the case is not compatible with the 3 GS Model.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment with your first name and email address.

A winner will be picked randomly next Sunday!

Good luck everyone!

Check out FREITAG's online shop to discover their range of designs! Click here!


Tereza Š. said...

love it!


Clara said...

wowieeeee I wish I'd win one of those, wanted to buy one last week until I saw I didn't even have enough money, oh how I hate being a student ;)

Oh and I do love your references bags *enviouslook*


Anonymous said...

so cute


Anonymous said...

freitag, es züri original :-)

Heather said...

I love waterproof bags so much. Very neat idea to make everything out of tarp!


Anonymous said...

Wow! such a good idea!!!!

Svenja said...

yeah, i love freitag, it's just so expensive...
Svenja (

piffpaffpuff said...

the heart wants what the heart wants <3

... said...


For a long time i'm thinking to buy a Freitag bag,which is blue...i am sure that this beautiful iPhone 4 GS Sleeve case will be good match with my new Freitag bag:=)



Penny said...

i dont want to enter the giveaway as i dont have an iphone- i just wanted to say that i knew this brand's messenger bags which were really original but not really fitted my style but this new collection is superb!

Anonymous said...

I love the brand Freitag. But the iPhone Sleeves are just too expensive for me to buy.
Thanks fo this great giveaway. :)


me0w said...

Wow I wish I could go to the store in Zurich!


marah.♥ said...

love freitag. <3

Mareike Pässler

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Giulia Alborghetti & Stefania Finassi said...

Looooooooove it!<3

giulia alborghetti

gizem said...


Ratti said...

I got a light-grey bag from The Reference Collection. It's so handy and I'm indeed in love with it:)

Bernadette said...

Woooa, super schön.


Christelle said...

Very nice photos...Thanks for the virtual visit :-)


Florine said...

die neuii kollektion isch uu schön!!
freitag isch e super marke!!
liebi grüess

Anya F. said...

Anya :D

leyla said...

ich probier ez au mal mis glück :)
leyleli [at] hotmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Fabulously urban!


Lena said...

So lovely :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello MJ & Nesli,
i'm Hyunkyung wanna win this time:D

Lookilove said...

dismal klappts!!!!! :)

Martina said...

ja ich will! ;)

k said...

I'd love to be entered :)
xo krystal

Anonymous said...

It seems very nice!

Anonymous said...

woow (:

Anonymous said...

nicee giveaway !

Christina said...

the pictures looks great and the case seems perfect for the iphone, i love the blue colour. thanks for the giveaway!

Christina S.

lau said...

nice giveaway


Anonymous said...


Eunice said...

Your Freitag bag is lovely! :]


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'd like to know if we can oline get those (especialy blue) bag in the Zurich store? Didin't see it on the online store :(

Krawatten said...

Cool bags.....keep on the good work.

krawatten ties said...

Beautiful bags. A swiss invention, I like.
ties, Krawatten with this material would be cool. :-)

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