Apr 27, 2011

Wednesday's Interior Decoration Inspiration: breezy Spring

Some things I already own - or would like to call my own - that reflect my taste in interior decoration and living in general.

Scented candle: diptyque Vase: House of Fraser Lamp: Pacific Coast
Mint Tea: Fortnum & Mason Moroccan tea glasses: Mighty Leaf

Bed Tray: Crate&Barrel Ceramic Bowl: Habitat
Cake Plate: Williams-Sonoma Hydrangeas: my new flower arrangement crush



Absolutely Mrs. K said...

very light, breezy, spring, transparent, adorable, smile. those are the words that come up to me when i see the decoration items. the colors are so latent but that is what makes it so interesting. and the colors work so well together. you know how to decorate your house girl.

Tessi said...

Lovely! Love the tea glasses :)

x tessi


DEA said...

So fresh, white and it screams "spring". I like it.

Cinja said...

sehr schön! ich nehme alles :)

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