Apr 21, 2011

Thursday's Beauty post: new favorites

L'Oréal Color Riche Serum in Radiant Rose

With a serum at the heart, this lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing! Love that the color can be built up to a very vibrant fuchsia. When I'm wearing this I keep my eyes pretty neutral, just a flick of eyeliner and some mascara will do.

MAC eyeshadows in Carbon, Satin Taupe and Brulé
MAC brush No. 217

Carbon is one of the eyeshadows I've been using for smokey eyes for a long time now but recently I also bought Satin Taupe and Brulé. For proper blending purposes I finally decided to "splurge" on the 217 brush and I find it really good! If you also like to watch makeup tutorials I can recommend you Pixiwoo's channel! Here's a smokey eyes look she did using some of the products I pictured above.


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

wwoohhoo that red coral bourbon color, fabulous color, so deep and profound, really want to see that

Cinja said...

wunderbare sachen :) ich liiiebe make-up tutorials, danke für den channel-tip

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