Apr 30, 2011

Jewelry by ManiaMania

Immortals ring: Organic cage ring made of bronze with Amazonite crystal

I absolutely adore these cage rings by ManiaMania, a label launched in 2009 by Australian art director and stylist duo Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis. Inspired by mysticism and magic their collections have stunningly bold signature pieces I'd love to wear.

Vagabond Cuff: Large wood grain texture cuff with Smokey Quartz crystal

Immortals ring: Organic cage ring made of sterling silver with a Smokey Quartz crystal

Source: ManiaMania



Beautycountry said...

oh my! these are some piece of art!! I would love to have all of them in my jewlery box!

Jen said...


beesandbugs said...

Love all of them, and the third is just gorgeous!

Secondhand Stella said...

In love with the cuff!

Lady Fur said...

I love your photo and your style and you blog I love all !!!!I'M YOUR FOLLOWER <3
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with love

Tessi said...

Wow! Amazing.. so pretty! I really want the first one and the third one. Do u know where to get a hold of them?

x tessi


Raspberry Jam said...

Love the rings and the cuff!

so beautiful!



Cinja said...


Unknown said...

die ringe sind sooo hübsch !!

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