Mar 2, 2011

Wednesday's Interior Decoration Inspiration: Jessica Stam's apartment

"In her own words, Stam is "always redecorating" and, every time she is in New York, she stops by Flair in SoHo to see the store's latest selections of antique furniture that she may like. "My apartment will never be done", she says."



Beautycountry said...

Oh my, really love her coach! :)

Cinja said...


Behind the Lashes said...

I'm in loooove with the velvet green couch. Looks sooo comfy.

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

I have seen this beautiful interior before. I love the big doors, they are giving you an Arabic vibe, but the rest of the interior gives you more of a 1930’s vibe. I love the pail colors, especially the green and the yellow. The tables and other pieces are really bold and strong but they look light. So it’s not a dark and heavy apartment.

Unknown said...

Beautiful interior! Love the combination of white, black, gold and mint green.


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