Mar 24, 2011

Thursday's Beauty post: time for a manicure

What girl doesn’t love getting her nails done at a salon?
I sure do, but I’ll treat myself to a salon manicure only few times a year and do the rest myself. I’m definitely not a pro and still smudge when applying nail polish but nevertheless I wanted to share with you some products I use every couple of days.

I start by applying a tiny bit of Sally Hansen’s cuticle remover and push the cuticles back with a rosewood stick. Next I’m using this manicure scrub which I got it at a local shop and am currently on my second bottle (it lasts a looong time). It smells very pleasant and makes your hands really soft as a baby's. Sometimes I also cut my excess cuticles with a cuticle scissor
because I think well-trimmed cuticles make for a more finished appearance.

A couple of months my nails started to peel and I couldn’t grow them at all. That’s when I did some research and found out about NailTek base and top coats and ever since they have become holy grail products I’m never going to stop using. My nails grow without peeling or breaking! The product on the left is applied as a base coat, next are two coats of your color nail polish and to finish off a top coat of the product on the right. This one is applied everyday (1 coat) for seven days until you renew your manicure. In my case it’s never seven days because I change my nail polish quicker. (The color of the top coat is clear but mine turned pinkish because I often use red nail polish.)

This OPI polish (Jade is the new black) is the one I have currently on my nails. Just like the Nailtek products I buy OPI nail polishes on ebay.

This little brush pen is supposed to strengthen your nails and make them grow faster. To be honest I couldn’t see an improvement and wouldn’t purchase it again. I only apply it around my cuticles and under the nails occasionally.

Do you also give yourself a home manicure? If so, what are your favorite products?


Anonymous said...

ich due sie au amigs selber lackiere :) mini nägel sind zum glück gar nid brüchig &ich bruche kei zuesatz-produkt :)
ich mach zerst eifach es peeling, denn unterlack, lack &überlack :)
bim lack schwöri inzwüsched au uf O.P.I. :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

I do not do it myself, way to clumsy. but my friend is a nail artist. so i use a acrylic and a nail polish. so i don't have to care for them for about 4 the color BTW

welcome to my jungle said...

I do it at home and use pretty the same products as u do!
But sometimes it really bothers me that the color won´t last that long. Then I really miss the time living in NY where u can get a reasonable manicure on every corner!


cleo said...

i wanna learn how to it myown!!!:)

SakuraBlossom said...

Good morning!, i do my own manicures and have tons of polishes, in fact my blog is about that.
I also miss too my country where you can get cheap, good manicures everywhere, but i think that now i do them better than most of them.
Have a nice day, greetings from graunbünde.

Liv said...

Wo bekomm ich denn den Sally Hansen Nagelhautentferner her?

Ich mach meine Nägel selber. Habe leider dasselbe Problem wie du. Meine Nägel sind permanent brüchig und splittern ab, zudem sind sie sehr weich und dünn. Ganz im Gegensatz zu meinen Haaren und Zehennägeln.

Ich verwende jetzt momentan einen Nagelhärter von Dikla, mal schauen, ob der was bringt ;-)

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