Mar 9, 2011

Thursday's beauty post: my skincare routine

I’ve been using Avène products for about two years now and am really satisfied with the results this skincare line offers. After having used many different, more expensive brands I’ve settled with the French pharmacy products which are relatively inexpensive in Switzerland.

The Cleanance series is specially made to meet the needs of blemish-prone, oily skin:

From left to right:
Thermal water spray, Cleanance purifying anti-shine toner, Cleanance soapless gel cleanser, Cleanance-K moisturizer

I use the gel cleanser in the morning and evening; it foams up nicely and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean but I think it could be a bit too drying for those with drier skin.

The purifying anti-shine toner which is applied right afterwards needs to be shaken before use (you can see the powder at the bottom of the bottle). I like this so much more than Clinique toners (which I’ve used for many years) since it doesn’t give me stinging or irritation but still helps to keep the shininess at bay during the whole day.

The Cleanance-K gel moisturizer has slighty exfoliating ingredients and is the only product of the line I don’t use twice a day. I feel like it gets the job done in the T-zone but for my cheeks and some other drier parts I use another moisturizer. I just have the feeling it doesn’t give me the hydration I need but protects me from breakouts in other zones so I always have a tube around.

The huge thermal water spray on the leftside of the picture is pure love, that’s why I have the large one at home and a small one in my purse. It has so many uses: before going to bed I top my skincare off with a mist of this thermal water to soothe my skin, in the mornings I spray it on top of freshly applied makeup; this makes it more lasting in the long run but also instantly leaves you with a bit more „lived-in“ look, meaning you don’t look unnaturally matte if you like to fix your liquid makeup with powder like I do.

I can’t say that my skin is perfect now but this line definitely helped me a lot to deal with my skin problems.

Have you tried any Avène products? What does your skincare routine look like?


Jamie K. said...

i just started Avene for a week, and Im loving it. I have red, itchy, scaly patches on my forehead and eyelids and using the Avene recovery cream has helped so much. I also use the Thermal Spray for itchiness all over my body and face. It also helps to 'dilute' my The Body Shop body puree which has gotten a little too sticky for my liking. :) it is pretty expensive in Singapore but I get them during sale :D

Gawgus things... said...

I use this some of this range as well - it's great! XX

Penny said...

i ve been using Avene also since 4 or 5 years...the cleansing product is amazing and i gave a try to the hydrating cream 3 months ago and i m quite satisfied..i live in uk and because of the wind my skin was really dry but this cream worked like a miracle!so i just bought the mask as well... will let you know ;)

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Thanks for your feedback, girls!

@ Penny: I usually mix my peelings at home but I'm really tempted to try the Cleanance peeling mask as well. Which mask did you buy?

Unknown said...

i've been using avene sunscreens for sometime. recently tried eluage moisturiser, recommended by a friend, lifesavers, both the cream and my friend. i never got used to using thermal sprays. i like rosewater sprays better. i'm older so my skin prefers more hydration.

gee said...

where can you get them in switzerland? when i was staying in switzerland, i couldn't find any products :(

Anonymous said...

My skin is very dry so I use Murad acne complex kit. Usually I get it online because it's cheaper than usual.

wieyepi said...

Oh you're so right! I also use Avène for my problematic skin and I love it.
Except of the gel clenaser i use the same products as you and I use Cleanance K during the night. For day and as makeup base I can recommend you Clean-Ac .

xxx Ramona

michelle_ said...

thanks for sharing this !
im having problems with my skin at the moment too. maybe i'll give avene a try :)

glisters and blisters

Kat said...

Hey, I'm using exactly the same products for two years now! My sister recommended it because she loved it so much. My skin is still not perfect but far better than before when I used Dr. Hauschka products, way too oily. I normally order online at deutscheinternetapotheke because it's cheaper and more convenient than running to the drugstore...

Penny said...

well the mask i bought says: exfoliating and absorbing cleansing mask ... have tried it already twice...i didnt see some radical changes :P but my skin felt much "fresher" afterwards :)

Andrea @ Mineral Cosmetics said...

Haven't tried using Avene products yet. Though I have heard so much much about the skin care line. Thanks for the review.

sophie said...

great post! :)

sophie xx

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