Mar 17, 2011

Thursday's Beauty Post: Bright lips

"Orange is part of the tropical family and therefore can be worn with other colours including fuchsia, blues and reds. The ultimate summer look however is quite bare – simply team your orange lipstick with liquid eyeliner and a strong mascara”

Jamie Coombes, national make-up artist for Dior



Unknown said...

oo ich liebe alle farben alle !!!

cleo said...

fendi girl takes my breath away:)
great colors...

Raspberry Jam said...

Love those lipsticks!

They have such a nice color!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love this post. you are so right about bright lips, it makes the world a whole lot more beautiful. have bought a MAC pink color, and it will hold all day long

Anonymous said...

ah bir zengin olsam hepsinden bir sana birde bana alirdim :)

Belén said...

tolle post Nesli!!! find die farbe absolut cool! Pink staht bi mir als nöchsts uf de shoppingliste :)

isch schön xii dich wiedermal z'gseh gester! hoffe bis bald :)

wünsch dir es tolls weekend!

liebi grüess

WOX said...

oh gott, das sind so shcöne farben, ich möchte die alle haben! :)

euch einen schönen sonntag!

Hevanpal said...

Totally like the orange one and u are beautiful~!!^^

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