Mar 22, 2011


Some ideas to fill your closet with silk garments... because in my opinion, a girl can't have enough of them!

(From left to right):
1. Chloé silk-crèpe shirt
2. Topshop Green Silk Wing Front Tee
3. Kelly Bergin Silk Chiffon T-shirt
4. Rag & Bone Summer Sion Blouse
5. Apiece Apart Textured Silk Tank
6. Equipment silk shirt

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Vanessa Jackman



Beautycountry said...

just have to love the look! So simple, so elegant :)

Gawgus things... said...

Love silk blouses.. xx

Anonymous said...

ich hätti die am liebste alli! :)

LaQuiete said...

Very fashionable and feminine blouses.

Tine said...


Unknown said...

ich liebe solche blusen !!!!!

GvN said...

So true!


Svenja said...

i love equipment blouses, i want one so badly!

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