Mar 21, 2011

Monday's Inspiration: “If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” J.M Power

Photo of my cat Lilly, private
Words: weheartit


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love the quote, love the title, love the photo. tis is really encouraging for a monday morning. but don't you love to turn around in your bed a little bit longer like this cat does??? a bed can sometimes feel like heaven. But hey it is Monday and the beginning of a new adventure

Anonymous said...

würd mich au lieber nomal chere im bett anstatt go schaffe :D
wünsche en gueti wuche! :)

Raspberry Jam said...

awww how cute this cat is! <3


pelininstyle said...

Photo and the quote are just perfect;)

Anonymous said...

always such a fan!
keep the inspiration coming!


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