Mar 29, 2011

I wish I knew

The bat shirt and the necklace are my very first pieces from ASOS and I'm entirely happy with them. There's nothing better than a basic top that is box shaped and in a beautiful color. You might already know that I crave for all bat lookalike tops..

Top & Necklace - Courtesy of ASOS


Mar 28, 2011

That thing with feathers

I’ve been wearing this bangle by Tom Shot (first photo) almost every day since I got it. It seems to go with everything and doesn’t bother me at all unlike some other arm jewelry I always need to take off when typing for instance. That it underlines the meaning of my tattoo is of course another lovely aspect!

Kolibri Shop was kind enough to send me this bangle to try out their service. A big advantage, especially for Swiss customers, is the fact that the custom charges don’t need to be paid by the customer. I think this makes it a lot easier to order something from their shop, which has many brands and products for men and women alike that are otherwise hard to find in Switzerland. Other than this feather bangle I loved this croc-effect leather bag by Nixon (great to carry around my netbook and files to Uni), and the seafoam watch collection (such a lovely color for spring/summer).

Kolibri Shop currently delivers to Germany, Austria and Switzerland and there are no mailing expenses for a minimum order of 34 CHF for Swiss customers.

Coat & White tee: Zara Red cardigan: Mango
Bangle: TomShot (c/o Kolibri Shop) Necklace: Monki


Mar 27, 2011

ASOS Giveaway

To sound the bell for summertime we want to reward one of our readers with this beautiful ASOS croc-effect purse! It's perfect to wear it on a balmy day with your favourite airy blouse!

How to win:

Just leave a comment with your forename and email address and we will pick a random winner on Sunday, April 4. Everyone can leave a comment, so don't miss out!

Please note that your email addresses will be forwarded to ASOS for data documentation.

♥ Good luck ♥


Sunday's Breakfast: Orange and Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Scones

Ever since I saw the recipe for these scones on Joy the Baker I knew I had to try them. I’ve never made or eaten scones before so I didn’t really know what to expect and made them anyway. They surely were a change from our usual breakfast but to be honest, I find them more suiting for tea just because they’re sooo rich. Even for me there was just too much butter involved for a breakfast. But the orange and dark chocolate combination tastes amazingly well so it was well worth the extra calories. ^^

See below some photos I took during the process and go here to find the recipe.

Have a good Sunday!

Mar 26, 2011

Jewelry by Aurélie Bidermann: simple yet beautiful

One of my recent obsessions are jewelry boxes. I kind of still regret not having bought this mirrored Zara Home jewelry box I saw in Amsterdam, but I couldn't ignore this : "Why do you need to store your cheap metal jewelry in a box?" Valid question! Since I didn't have an answer to that, my cheapo H&M accessories are still unorganized and I am dreaming of Aurélie Bidermann's simple yet cute and bold pieces...


Mar 24, 2011

Thursday's Beauty post: time for a manicure

What girl doesn’t love getting her nails done at a salon?
I sure do, but I’ll treat myself to a salon manicure only few times a year and do the rest myself. I’m definitely not a pro and still smudge when applying nail polish but nevertheless I wanted to share with you some products I use every couple of days.

I start by applying a tiny bit of Sally Hansen’s cuticle remover and push the cuticles back with a rosewood stick. Next I’m using this manicure scrub which I got it at a local shop and am currently on my second bottle (it lasts a looong time). It smells very pleasant and makes your hands really soft as a baby's. Sometimes I also cut my excess cuticles with a cuticle scissor
because I think well-trimmed cuticles make for a more finished appearance.

A couple of months my nails started to peel and I couldn’t grow them at all. That’s when I did some research and found out about NailTek base and top coats and ever since they have become holy grail products I’m never going to stop using. My nails grow without peeling or breaking! The product on the left is applied as a base coat, next are two coats of your color nail polish and to finish off a top coat of the product on the right. This one is applied everyday (1 coat) for seven days until you renew your manicure. In my case it’s never seven days because I change my nail polish quicker. (The color of the top coat is clear but mine turned pinkish because I often use red nail polish.)

This OPI polish (Jade is the new black) is the one I have currently on my nails. Just like the Nailtek products I buy OPI nail polishes on ebay.

This little brush pen is supposed to strengthen your nails and make them grow faster. To be honest I couldn’t see an improvement and wouldn’t purchase it again. I only apply it around my cuticles and under the nails occasionally.

Do you also give yourself a home manicure? If so, what are your favorite products?

Mar 23, 2011

Wednesday's Interior Decoration Inspiration: creative work space

Having enough trouble getting started as it is, a depressing home office would make me even lazier than I already am. That's why I love bright, iniviting work spaces that actually would make you want to sit there and work/study etc.

In our new apartment we have a separate room for my desk and my sisters sewing machine and I collected the images below as decoration inspiration.

An inspiration board filled with pictures, motivational quotes and curiosities is an absolute necessity for me. You'll notice that there is an inspiration board/wall of some kind in every office picture I've collected.


1./2./ 4. The Decorista
3. Made by Girl
5. ?
6. Desire to Inspire
7./8./9. Decor8


Mar 22, 2011


Some ideas to fill your closet with silk garments... because in my opinion, a girl can't have enough of them!

(From left to right):
1. Chloé silk-crèpe shirt
2. Topshop Green Silk Wing Front Tee
3. Kelly Bergin Silk Chiffon T-shirt
4. Rag & Bone Summer Sion Blouse
5. Apiece Apart Textured Silk Tank
6. Equipment silk shirt

Source (
Vanessa Jackman


Mar 21, 2011

Monday's Inspiration: “If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” J.M Power

Photo of my cat Lilly, private
Words: weheartit

Mar 20, 2011

Sunday treat

I could have made an incredibly healthy breakfast with these.. Blueberries are, as you probably know, packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and can help reduce belly fat. I wouldn’t suggest to follow my lead if you want to make your tummy flatter but if you want to make it happier, then read on…

I can’t think of many things that are more blissful than taking time to prepare and savour a weekend breakfast whilst sipping on freshly brewed coffee. Instead of preparing a smoothie or fruit salad I opted for blueberry pancakes. I rarely stick to a particular pancake recipe so this time I used this one and simply added some fresh blueberries.

I get slightly nervous when I run out of maple syrup, I just love it that much! Be it on top of crunchy fruit müslis or pancakes...

Our new kitchen needed to be celebrated with new supplies: French Press and fancy double wall glasses by Bodum.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Mar 18, 2011

In a rut

I’m aware that this look quite resembles MiJi’s last outfit but I have to admit that I can’t put much thought into what I’m wearing these days, so apologies in advance. I wore this to the university then changed into heels in the evening to attend a pre-shopping event of the re-vamped Schild store in Zurich. It was a well organized event with yummy food, drinks and music. Hop over to Stilblog, which is written by lovely fellow blogger Larissa, to see more impressions of the evening.

Ring: from a shop in Istanbul Clutch: vintage

Parka & Trousers: H&M Beige jumper: Mango Pink blouse: 4you

Ankle boots: Zara

Mar 17, 2011

Thursday's Beauty Post: Bright lips

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