Feb 22, 2011

Wednesday's Interior Decoration Inspiration: shabby chic china cupboard

A while ago my sister and I picked up a cupboard off the street that some neighbour through out. On the first glance you could see why, it was an ugly brown wood cupboard with wooden knobs but we saw that it had potential and dragged it up to our apartment. Maybe you have already noticed that we have some pretty vintage china my sister recently started to collect (shown here, here and here). Inspired by shabby chic interior decoration style we set out to make this cupboard pretty again, meaning we painted it in glossy white, replaced the old knobs and as a finishing touch covered the insides with vintage looking Paris themed paper.

On a side note, our move is less than a week away!!!



Unknown said...

duvar kagidi cok hos !
cok begendim !

Anonymous said...

wow isch ja megaaaaaaaaaaaa <3
benim getircegim ev hediyesi sizin kendi yaptiginiz güzelliklerin yaninda kesin cok sönük kalicaktir :) xoxo

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