Feb 8, 2011

Wednesday's Interior Decoration Inspiration: DIY ideas

Plants in antique tea pots

clock in bloom

(I plan on having one in the kitchen, but it also looks lovely in the living room.)

wiriting in the mirror


1. Design*Sponge
2./3./4. ? (sorry my sister's finds aren't trackable)



Ary said...

I've been following you blog for some time now, I like it very much! You're style (both of you) is amazing and I also love that you go beyond simple fashion with posts on interior design, wonderful recepies,...

nina oliva said...

The teapot-plant idea is lovely. wish I had more of a green thumb... ;-)

minnja said...

wow, beautiful :)))


Unknown said...

ilk resimdeki dekorasyon ve ayna fikri cok hosuma gitti !

SakuraBlossom said...

Good morning, this blog is sooo cool, love the ideas for decorating and the pretty, yummies recipes you give!
Love from Graubünden.

GvN said...

Love the mirror on the last photo!



onlyshowlove said...

The writing on the mirror is so creative and it looks nice too.

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