Feb 24, 2011

Thursday's Beauty Post: Trésor by Lancôme

The beauty posts won’t be only about fragrances but I have been given the opportunity to try and review an iconic fragrance by Lancôme, Trésor, so today’s post is all about it.

Obviously I was familiar with the beautiful advertising spots featuring Penélope Cruz or Kate Winslet but I had never tried it before until a couple of weeks ago. To be honest, when I first sprayed it on my wrists I didn’t like the top notes at all, it was an explosion of rose, iris and something else metallic smelling which was simply too strong (and dare I say, even headache inducing) for me. But still, even in the beginning there was something very fine and elegant to this composition, which became better and better in time. The drydown was creamy with hints of apricot and vanilla that linger a long time and that is when this scent becomes loveable to me. It smells so feminine and romantic and is even there the next day! I really wanted to love this one, and probably would have, if the opening had been more appealing to me. Every now and then I spray it on, try to ignore it for the first half hour and then enjoy the beautiful smell that it develops.

Maybe I’ll appreciate this sophisticated scent more some day, and until then I will treasure this beautiful flacon dearly...

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Astrid {via Models and Muses} said...

A timeless classic, gorgeous photographs! Have a great weekend, Nesli

elisabeth said...

Schöne Fotos, ich finde der Flakon sieht sehr elegant aus und erinnert mich an die Zeiten von Romy Schneider. Muss ich gleich mal schnuppern gehen :)

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