Feb 19, 2011

Some updates

Me with bang hair. I'm really satisfied with the new look although it's a little change. Sorry for the blurry photo quality..

I'm back from Seoul and I brought some new stuff: bag, cardigan, muffler, jewelry, lipsticks

I slept 12 hours straight last night, since I'm pretty jet-lagged ^^
Wish you all a lovely weekend!


nina oliva said...

Love the bag, where did you buy it?
and the bangs suits you very well!
guets uskuriere vom jetlag =)

Styleseeking Zurich said...

I got the bag from the "bupyeong subway shopping" - it is a shopping street underpass! The bag is a no-name..

merci! ich chönt jetz scho wieder ischlafe : )

Unknown said...

oooooooo die tasche der cardigan und der schmuck einfach hinreißend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

love the bag and the nudish skinfood lippie - which goes with the accessories! the shops at hongdae look a little like those i saw in harajuku, tokyo.

Julia said...

hi! I recently moved from vienna to zurich and was wondering if you have any shopping and restaurant tips for me? love your style by the way!


Claire said...

hi miji, where is the other lipstick from? and what are the shades of the 2 lipsticks you bought? they're lovely! :)

INES said...

lovely pictures

May Kasahara said...

bangs look amazing on you

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