Jan 23, 2011

Where do we go from here?

I know it seems like ages since I posted an outfit but here’s finally one. The truth is, I’ve been postponing all the ideas I have for the blog but I hope to bring a little more structure and consistency to it in the next weeks so stay tuned... Feel free to share in the comments section what you would like to see more of on Styleseeking Zurich!

I got this wind coat a while back from Wholesale Dress and especially like the collar, which can be worn open like this or also overlapped. It comes in a variety of colors so have a look at the site if you're interested.

Coat: c/o Wholesale Dress
Boots: Globus
Bag: Liebeskind



Tara: said...

I love those boots !! And you hair looks amazing by the way !!



Check out my blog:


Raspberry Jam said...

Die Jacke und die Boots sehen echt toll aus!



Mariña " La Marquesa" said...

your coat is pretty nice!!! this print is great and I would use it a lot!!!

admirate your still even with snow...

DENiZ said...

Nesli'cim saclarin,cildin,kiyafetin istisnasiz hersey harika gorunuyor! Burasi cok soguk :( karlar altindayiz kac gundur ama seni gorunce azmettim yarin ben de sokaklara vurucam kendimi Pazartesi'ye kiyafet postu yapabilmek icin ;) Sevgiler,opucukler..

Larissa said...

Wow Nesli, that coat is great! Reminds me a bit of Vivenne Westwood, with that open collar. For Styleseeking Zurich, I would love to see more outfit posts! And I really love your baking / cooking posts which you started recently! x, Larissa


SakuraBlossom said...

Guten tag!, a swiss blog, great!
i live in switzerland too, and i'm happy to find a cool swiss blog like this!
Now you have a new follower.

Sassi said...

die jacke ist ja mega! steht dir wirklich supergut!

Beautycountry said...

Oh my!! Your coat is gorgous!! :D

Jakob Lienhard said...

wirklich tolles Outfit... besonders die jacke ist hammer! :-)

Secondhand Stella said...

Love the jacket!!!!

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

Absolutely love that jacket! It is the most perfect shape! You look wonderful as always xx

nina oliva said...

super schueh! =)

be neu be ede blogger-wält und nochli am umeluege... kennsch no es paar anderi gueti schwiizer-blogs?
euche gfallt mer uf jede fall sehr guet ,-)

Unknown said...

cok hossun cok güzelsin !

Lainey said...

That jacket is absolutely stunning. I'm really into the color green right now.

Giulia Alborghetti & Stefania Finassi said...

Love the outfit :D

Baśka said...

this is what i like about your style the most! feminine and comfy :)

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