Dec 3, 2010

Les Amours Imaginaires

A love triangle with all its ups and downs is the core of Xavier Dolan's second Movie Les Amours Imaginaires: Francis and Marie are best friends but they fall in love with the same guy named Nico, who enjoys his life to the full. Francis - played by Xavier Dolan - and Marie start to court Nico, which slowly tears a hole in their friendship.
Les Amours Imaginaires bares the human feeling of love in all its aspects. It shows with ease the dramatic art of love but still remains wistful.
Xavier Dolan plays masterful with slow motion, close up and light settings - all accentuated with matching background music.
Have a look at the trailer here!
Les Amours Imaginaires is a fun, emotional and thrilling movie, which shows human weaknesses in an elegant manner and banks on a gentle hope.
Xavier Dolan also gratifies fashion-forward spectators : )

Premiere: 6th of January 2011
German-speaking Switzerland
Director: Xavier Dolan
Country of Production: Canada
Marie: Monia Chokri
Nico: Niels Schneider
Francis: Xavier Dolan


renatah said...

Saw it, loved it, met Niels Schneider afterwards.

Anonymous said...

LOVE Xavier Dolan!!!!!!

Unknown said...

doch den film würde ich mir schon gerne mal ansehen.. hat einen interessanten eindruck hinterlassen..

DEA said...

you write so well about les amours imaginaires that now I must see that movie.

DEA said...

I forgot to say: LOVE YOUR BLOG.
I´m following it :)

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