Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year

We hope you will have an amazing New Year's Eve!
A big THANK YOU to all our readers and followers!
All the best for 2011!



Dawn said...

Happy New Year to you guys too! I wish you lot's of success on and off the web in 2011!

anda said...

oh tolle post!
wönsch euch zwei es superschöns neus johr.

Raspberry Jam said...

Ich wünsche euch einen guten Rutsch! :)


Anonymous said...

i love this collage!
all the best for the upcoming year!

Mellon Rhum said...

Happy new year to both of you girls!!!
Hope you have an awesome New year's eve and a hangover free sat!!
Lots of love.
And a Kiss from Spain.

十十f十 said...

wishing you the same too, girls :)

Tessi said...

U are so good with your pictures! Your posts always look amazing!! :) Love your blog sweeties!

Happy new year!


Martina said...

happy new year, ladies!

Larissa said...

Wow merci vielmal für de Rückblick vo eu! Gseht suuuper us wieder mol. Wünsch eu au alles Gueti für's 2011 und ich wünsche mir wiiterhin so tolli Blogposts vo eu. Liäbi Grüessli, Larissa

Anonymous said...

Happy new year gor you too girls!
hope you enjoy and live with fun and happiness this year!

niless said...

I wonder what write in your tatoo?

minnja said...

Beautiful :))))))


Holly Springett said...

Happy New Year, look forward to reading your posts in 2011!

Fashionista* said...

Happy New Year..
adorable pictures, really inspirational

Giuli Kakoulli said...

Your blog is just my cup of tea!! I love it!
Stop by sometime:)

Sena said...

forhes neues und glückliches jahr wünsche ich euch beiden =)

Alice ♥ said...

just love the pictures!


Happy New Year sweeties :))

cleo said...

happy new year my sweeties!!!!

MeMe said...

This is such a beautiful collage! Happy New Year to you too! Greetings from Prague xxx MeMe

Alexandra said...

Happy new year and may you get to post tons of really great photos.

alexandra @

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