Dec 2, 2010

Crispy chewy chocolate chip cookies

After baking several christmas cookies I craved something more chocolately so I baked an alltime favorite of mine: chocolate chip cookies. Being aware of my recent baking craziness a class mate made the remark that I'll be gaining weight until the end of this stressful semester but I swear, those were so worth it! I wanted my cookies to be crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside and this recipe delivered exactly what it promised.

I found the recipe on one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen. If I were to use the same recipe again I'd make some adjustments. The cookies were a tad to sweet for my taste so I'm definitely going to reduce the amount of sugar and use a little less vanilla essence the next time. Other than that, this will be my go-to recipe whenever I want to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie with my cup of coffee.



Lesley said...

Mmm...I love cookies!!! I'm off to go have some cheesecake! :-)

Serena said...

looks yummy~!

love from seoul,
Nostalgic Senses

Unknown said...

mmmmmmmmh ellerine saglik !! =)
bu arada bende o zara elbisesini giydim.. blogumda benim kombinimi görebilirsin =)

Jenny Cindy said...

Yum, these look really good. I might have to try this recipe sometime soon. I also love to bake so I'm really enjoying this new section of your blog.

Elata said...

oooh, I made chocolate chip cookies on friday too. Yum!

Anonymous said... chocclate chip cookies!!

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