Nov 6, 2010

Charles Vögele Fashion Days Zurich: Swiss Textiles Award 2010

Since I probably won’t ever be able to attend all the fashion weeks existing, going to the Swiss Textiles Award was like getting a glimpse of New York, London, Paris and Seoul fashion weeks all in one. Yesterday the six finalists, Adam Kimmel (USA), Damir Doma (Croatia), Duro Olowu (UK), Jason Wu (USA), Juun.J (Korea) and Mary Katrantzou (Greece) showed their S/S 11 collections in Zurich and the jury members choose Mary Katrantzou as the winner, who got to take home a prize worth 100’000 Euros.

Duro Olowu S/S 11

The thing that surprised me the most was that Duro Olowu is a self taught fashion designer. Born in Nigeria, he used to work as a lawyer after studying Law in London. But even at an early age he was inspired by the unexpected mix of fabrics, textures and draping techniques of the clothing worn by the women surrounding him. So he gave up his legal career and moved back to London to pursue his true vocation.

Juun.J S/S 11

I was really immersed in Juun.J’s collection which can be considered adventurous and innovative but also wearable at the same time! Prior to the show they showed a little video about each designer and I remember JuunJ. saying that clothes look better when they’re moving and indeed they did.

Juun.J S/S 11

Mary Katrantzou S/S 11

Mary Katrantzou, the winner of the 11th Swiss Textiles Award, came up with a brilliant concept for her spring line. Inspired by the photography of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, where the interiors in the pictures were just as important as the models, she put the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room! Each piece she created was a masterpiece of art.

Mary Katrantzou S/S 11

Jason Wu S/S 11

While I still have problems sewing on a button, Jason Wu was only 9 years old when he began learning how to sew and now at 27 he’s extremely successful in the industry. I really liked his spring line consisting of ladylike dresses, see-through striped knits and long jackets.

Jason Wu S/S 11

Damir Doma S/S 11

Damir Doma says he practically grew up in his parents atelier and wants to design clothes that adapt to the body rather than the opposite. His mostly dark collection was brightened up by saffron yellows.

Adam Kimmel S/S 11

Never would I have imagined to witness a fashion show that was inspired by Snoop Dogg’s swagger but that was exactly what Adam Kimmel’s collection was about: relaxed and elegant menswear with a a gangster-like touch. Although it’s hard for me to see Snoop as a fashion icon, Kimmel got a raging applause from the audience and also put a grin onto my face.

Alexander Wang S/S 11

Alexander Wang, the winner of last years Swiss Textiles Award, said that he invested some of the prize he won in better and more luxurious fabrics for his S/S 11 collection, which concluded this multi-faceted evening.

These photographs are my own. Please do not re-use them without proper crediting.


Sydney Fashion Vulture said...

Jason Wu has to be my favorite. Classic elegance as always. Go team USA! :)

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

What a fabulous show! Your pics are great, Nisli. And it was wonderful to finally meet you! You are lovely.

Larissa said...

Hi there! nice article... I wrote one too... Was great to meet you, Nesli!

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