Nov 4, 2010

Charles Vögele Fashion Days Zurich 2010: Upcoming Swiss Designers

Yesterday was the opening night of the first Zurich Fashion Days ever. Our charming little big town is attracting lots of fashion interested people from all around the world and we wouldn’t want to miss this event either. This noon I attended the upcoming Swiss designers shows and below are pictures and some information about these emerging talents.

Sabine Portenier and Evelyne Roth, the two designers behind the label PORTENIERROTH, do not have a proper store where you could buy their creations but instead they regularly host an innovative sale called „The flying fashion store“.

Redley Exantus was born in New York and worked for two years at Calvin Klein. These days she lives and works in Geneva. Her collections are modern and functional at the same time: a mix of American Ready to Wear and European classic. The designer herself says: „My designs are a marriage between a technically functioning design and a sensual aesthetic with movement in the clothes.“

Aleksandra Wisniewska is originally from the french speaking part of Switzerland and gained experience by doing an internship at Chloé during her studies in Paris. So far she won many awards with her collections, which give the elegant and self confident woman a touch of extravagance.

The collection Aluar Balagan of the two creative minds Laura Lazura and Raul Egloff Alcaide tells the story of today’s man: a sensitive and intellectual warrior. Raul Egloff Alcaide did some stages at Giles Deacon, Balmain and Lanvin and creates his collection in Zurich with Laura Lazura, who is the founder and creative director of the Menswear & Style gallery Fashionslave in Zurich.

As the name of the label suggests, there is a mother-daughter duo joining forces to create the line of Toujours Toi – Family Affairs. The success story of this label started with the jewelry collections of Nina Egli and later she got her mother Kaya on board and together they expanded the Toujours Toi label with Family Affairs. The first four looks below are from the F/W 10 collection called Moon River and the last look from their breezy and floral S/S 11 collection.

These photographs are my own. Please do not re-use them without proper crediting.


Unknown said...

ich mag die männlichen schuhe auf den ersten fotos !!

Anonymous said...

gseht super us! :)
wenn bisch sust no ade fashion days? ich ga hüt! :D

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Antonia: ich wür hüt abig au no gah, vilicht gseht mer sich ja! :)


Unknown said...

oh, i didn't know about the fashion days - wow, that's so great! i'll be back home soon, so i hope that i can catch a seat next year ;)

GvN said...

War im Backstage als dresser. Redley Exantus's collection blew my mind!


Debora said...

these collections are wonderful ! I love love love them
sadly I couldn't be there but the next time I go there for sure :) ! I'm really happy that now our little Country has its own little Fashion Week !

Love your blog

ANNA said...

i liked the necklaces at toujours toi family affairs!

fredericksof said...

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LCHF chef William said...

I tried that hair for a couple of days. I can say with certainty that it does not work on a man.

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