Oct 14, 2010

UNE Natural Beauty: A new make up line. A new story.

When it comes to skin care and make up products more and more women are also intrested in what's in the products. For eco-savvy ladies there's a new brand out there: Bourjois recently launched a new make up line called UNE Natural Beauty.

They teamed up with famous make up artist Christophe Durand to create eco-friendly products using oragnic ingredients where possible. Not only are the ingredients good for your skin but the packaging is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The main difference between UNE and other brands is the fact that almost every UNE product is made of a 100% natural ingredients. The Ecocert Certification guarantees the label "organic and ecological cosmetics".

It doesn't come as a surprise that a brand which respects the nature so much also respects the natural beauty of a woman. After a longlasting phase of trying to conform to the current ideal of beauty, which often left women looking artificial and mask-like, there's a return to accepting oneself's appearances and highlighting what's beautiful instead of covering something up.

In this regard every item of the UNE range underlines the natural look of a woman. The smooth texture and the lightness make it very easy to apply and you can't make any mistakes but only play with the products.

You might get the feeling that this brand is all about nude, barely there makeup but this is not the case: UNE Natural Beauty covers 26 products of the decorative cosmetics and offers 180 variant shades.

We're excited to try out this new brand and will also give you here and there little reviews about the products. Have you tried out some products of UNE already? Let us know in the comments what you think about this eco-friendly approach of UNE!

Natural ingredients. Natural results. Natural Beauty.

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Unknown said...

ich mag das t-shirt was das model anhat =D

Jasmin said...

Finde ich eine tolle Idee, bin gespannt auf eure Produkttests :)

m. said...

das sind tolle farben!


Jenny Cindy said...

Han die Sache letschtens im Manor gseh und mega asprechend gfunde. Sind aber leider au nöd ganz billig und da ich grad nüt brucht han, hani leider nüt kauft. Aber würd's würkli mal gern probiere - hännd schöni Farbe und mir gfallt s'Konzept. Freu mi scho uf oii Reviews.

Mariña " La Marquesa" said...

these dreses make me think about what I will wear in the christmas parties :D white and red!

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