Oct 28, 2010

Let me introduce myself

This little 'introduction-post' is inspired by the lovely blogger rosa-fiona.
Since Nesli and I don't write that much about our private lives and about ourselves in general, we thought of making some changes to this concern. Well, it is not a concern in the classical sense, but you as a reader might want to know a little bit more about the personalities behind Styleseeking Zurich.

So here is the modest start of me - Mi-Ji ^^

1. What kind of clothes would you like to wear?

I love slouchy tops with skinny bottoms - my favorite look! I'm not a big fan of dresses or skirts and I'm not a shoe-girl. Things, which I drool over are chunky golden jewelry pieces, bags, silken shirts, blazers and all kind of box-shaped tops. When it comes to colors, I actually prefer black, navy and grey. But I'm really into cinnamon colors these days.

2. What kind of place would you like to live in?

I have a serious weakness for acrylic chairs, all sorts of lamps, big bowls and cushions.

3. How would you like to spend your day?

Strolling around in the city with my friends/family, eat delicious food, go shopping, capture beautiful moments.. just feel free and calm!

4. What are your favorite outfit/close up photos?

One of my favorite close up pictures is the one shot by Nesli with the salmon-colored shirt and the floral tank top. It's girly but in a discrete way - just like me.

Source: we heart it, desire to inspire, stockholm streetstyle, fashion spot
More parts to come..


Oct 27, 2010

Jewel-toned eyes at Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2011

I really loved the colorful eye makeup the models had at the Oscar de la Renta S/S 11 show! The look was created by Gucci Westman, Revlon's Global Artistic Director, by mixing blue and green eyeshadow. I just recently re-discoverd green eyeshadow myself and find a simple flick of green eyeliner very wearable for daytime. My choice is MNY's 741 but below are some other brands with different green-toned eyeshadows.

1 Smashbox cream eyeliner in Scout 2 Christian Dior 445 Green Tropic 3 Shiseido Pearl Green

4 Urban Decay Green Goddess 5 Urban Decay Mildew 6 Urban Decay Flipside

Source: 1 style.com 2 polyvore

Oct 26, 2010

Decorated wrists

I was just about to answer another email about my little wrist tattoo when I remembered these two pictures I saved on my computer a couple of weeks ago. The first one is model Freja Beha Erichsen's wrist reading "This world tonight is mine".

The one below is (obviously) Kate Lanphear. I have no idea what her tattoo states and I didn't even notice it when I met her last summer.

The reason why we (my sister and I) chose that particular spot was because it looked like a bracelet and too many people had something written on the inner side of their wrists. It was quite a reckless thing, very unlike me. We picked a font (which in retrospective looks to be the same as Freja's another tattoo) and had our friend ink it at our place. Of course it was not the wisest decision so we had to re-do it at a proper studio. I think that's all I can say to this matter, if you're still curious please read the comments on this post.

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Oct 25, 2010

Made good

pictures by me

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Oct 24, 2010

We'll be inseparable


I’ve been looking for a new pair of flat boots to wear more or less on a daily basis because I definitely can’t stand to be on heels all day long. When I saw this pair I instantly knew they were perfect for me: sturdy and with a skidproof sole. I’m all set for winter, at least when it comes to boots!

I plan on wearing them with everything I’ve got! ^^ Even with this floor-lenght (kind of formal) dress that I shortened using a leather strip.

Jacket: Clockhouse Dress: Vero Moda Bag: Zara

Boots: Mjus

P.S: I'm sorry for not having replied to all of the emails from readers I got. I'll try to answer all of them in the upcoming days!

Oct 17, 2010

Milan Fashion Week SS 2011

Dolce & Gabbana

Antonio Berardi

When I saw these looks above from the Milan Fashion Week, I got all excited. BIG earrings unfortunately didn't find that often their way to the runway. I love how the giant earrings from the Antonio Berardi show stand out without blinding out the clothes, make up or shoes!

Source: atsuii


Oct 14, 2010

UNE Natural Beauty: A new make up line. A new story.

When it comes to skin care and make up products more and more women are also intrested in what's in the products. For eco-savvy ladies there's a new brand out there: Bourjois recently launched a new make up line called UNE Natural Beauty.

They teamed up with famous make up artist Christophe Durand to create eco-friendly products using oragnic ingredients where possible. Not only are the ingredients good for your skin but the packaging is also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

The main difference between UNE and other brands is the fact that almost every UNE product is made of a 100% natural ingredients. The Ecocert Certification guarantees the label "organic and ecological cosmetics".

It doesn't come as a surprise that a brand which respects the nature so much also respects the natural beauty of a woman. After a longlasting phase of trying to conform to the current ideal of beauty, which often left women looking artificial and mask-like, there's a return to accepting oneself's appearances and highlighting what's beautiful instead of covering something up.

In this regard every item of the UNE range underlines the natural look of a woman. The smooth texture and the lightness make it very easy to apply and you can't make any mistakes but only play with the products.

You might get the feeling that this brand is all about nude, barely there makeup but this is not the case: UNE Natural Beauty covers 26 products of the decorative cosmetics and offers 180 variant shades.

We're excited to try out this new brand and will also give you here and there little reviews about the products. Have you tried out some products of UNE already? Let us know in the comments what you think about this eco-friendly approach of UNE!

Natural ingredients. Natural results. Natural Beauty.

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Oct 13, 2010

Wednesday's Inspiration

Source: Ems Edge

Bright lip colors for winter?

I think you don't have to put your lively summer lipsticks aside just because it's fall/winter. It would be a welcome change to see someone wearing bright colors instead of deep reds and brown tones.


Oct 5, 2010

You are my sweetest downfall

shoes and scarf - gmarket, blazer - zara, bag - local shop in seoul, skinnies - tally weijl
What I love these days:
leo prints
cinnamon colors
black tea with milk
this song

Oct 2, 2010

We intertwined our life forces and now we're unified.

It was a week of repetitions for me, not only outfit-wise but also that particular song that was on repeat every single day. I can’t really say why I like it that much, probably because it reminds me of a peaceful period in my life where I was (and still am) quite positive about the future. I know I haven’t written much personal stuff lately but rest assured that I’m doing great. This semester I’ll be starting my Master thesis which won’t be easy but in stressful times I tend to do more posts (hello procrastination!) so I guess that’s good news for you!

You saw a glimpse of this skirt in this post. I love its flirtatious touch but like to tone down the girliness by pairing it with a leather jacket.

These leopard flats were a gift from my sister. I told her that I was looking for a leopard accessory, perferably a belt but when she saw these she purchased them on a whim (at Zara) and I'm so glad she did!

Skirt: Etam

Bag: Liebeskind

Denim shirt: Promod

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