Sep 28, 2010

Buckles&Belts: Your style. Your belt.

Walking around like everybody else? For most of us, this doesn’t sound too appealing, that’s why we like to add a different touch to our appearances or seek unique accessories that can be customized if needed. Buckles&Belts, a fairly young Swiss company , specialises in the most popular accessory: the belt. A range of 80 different belts in high quality materials such as calf or python leather and 170 buckles allow 5000 different combinations! Needles to say that with 4 collections a year their variety never disappoints.

At Buckles&Belts everybody can create their customized belt which is measured and prepared at the store right in front of the customer. They developped a simple yet innovative button system which allows the customer to exchange the buckle easily for another. Isn’t it a great idea to personalise your belts to make a unique fashion statement or to match them for a special occasion?

The belt section: different colors, leathers and widths don't make the decision easy but the staff is very helpful.

The buckle section: silver or gold metal buckles from bold to minimal.

Recently they also began to make leather key pendants.

Our own customized belts.

Click here to find Buckles&Belts' store locator.


Unknown said...

oo da sind echt schöne dabei !! =)

Jen Hsieh said...

this is such an awesome idea. i've been loving belts lately and i love being able to customize them! it's always difficult finding the right length and the right width and buckle combination. :)

Debora said...

Omg this is really nice, such a great idea !!
Great post :), well done !

nice blog
I follow you. Do you wanna visit me ?


Nina said...

in welcher preisklasse sind denn die Gürtel? überlege mir gerade ob ich mal in diesen shop gehen sollte...
danke für die antwort

Mariña " La Marquesa" said...

Now that I am looking for a black belt....:D thanks for your inspiration!!

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Hallo Nina

Auf der Homepage sind die Preise der Gürtel sowie Schnallen in Euro angegeben. Die variieren natürlich nach Material und Länge. Am besten schaust du selber mal vorbei!

Liebe Grüsse

Neslihan & MiJi

Anonymous said...

Wow such a cool shop! love the concept

Silvia said...

wow, i love it!!

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