Sep 28, 2010

Buckles&Belts: Your style. Your belt.

Walking around like everybody else? For most of us, this doesn’t sound too appealing, that’s why we like to add a different touch to our appearances or seek unique accessories that can be customized if needed. Buckles&Belts, a fairly young Swiss company , specialises in the most popular accessory: the belt. A range of 80 different belts in high quality materials such as calf or python leather and 170 buckles allow 5000 different combinations! Needles to say that with 4 collections a year their variety never disappoints.

At Buckles&Belts everybody can create their customized belt which is measured and prepared at the store right in front of the customer. They developped a simple yet innovative button system which allows the customer to exchange the buckle easily for another. Isn’t it a great idea to personalise your belts to make a unique fashion statement or to match them for a special occasion?

The belt section: different colors, leathers and widths don't make the decision easy but the staff is very helpful.

The buckle section: silver or gold metal buckles from bold to minimal.

Recently they also began to make leather key pendants.

Our own customized belts.

Click here to find Buckles&Belts' store locator.

Sep 26, 2010

Sunday's Inspiration

We're well aware that there aren't as many updates as usual but while we're trying to get back into a routine to post more regularly, you can have a look at what's going on in Milan right now. With the fashion week being in town for a couple more days, the streets are filled with fashionable people having a break inbetween shows. These photos belong to fellow blogger Elif, on whose blog you can find many more.

Sep 19, 2010

Sunday's Inspiration

Source: froufrouu

Big clutches!
This example above really makes me want to carry a clutch bag!
And I love the fact that she's carrying it in the daytime..this makes it even more interesting!

Sep 13, 2010

And it hurts when you look at him. And it hurts when you don't.


Sep 9, 2010

Thursday's Inspiration

Leo prints, vibrant colors, gray tones..
From hot Seoul to mild Zurich! I'm really looking forward to fall styles!

Sep 1, 2010

The air is so heavy it could drown a butterfly

One of my favorite things to do is to meet up friends for coffee and talk about everything under the sun. Yesterday was a bit more special than your average coffee party though: my cousin and I went to a cozy little café/restaurant called 5.Kat (literally 5th floor) where we went to exactly one year ago. It became like a new ritual to welcome September on the roof top admiring the view just before sunset…

Top and skirt: secondhand

Belt: mexx

Ring: from a shop in Istanbul
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