Aug 28, 2010

Jewelry shopping in Istanbul

I often get asked where I buy jewelry in Istanbul, mostly by people who are soon about to make a trip there and want some information about it. Well first of all, I'm not a local and my taste might not be yours but when I'm here I tend to look for "exotic" pieces, be it rings, necklaces or whatever.

The variety here is truly amazing: you can find everything ranging from historic Ottoman designs to traditional yellow gold, diamonds or other precious stones to contemporary pieces in silver. For a quick jewelry fix I mostly reach out to silver or gold-pleated ones but to be honest, mostly mine are just metal. If you take them off when washing your hands and don't spray perfume on your necklace you can keep them for quite some time.

So where should you go? The one place with the largest variety is probably the Grand Bazaar, which by the way is the world’s oldest shopping mall, having been established in 1453. Since it's a touristic hot-spot the prices are higher than somewhere else. The bazaar is so large that you probably won't be able to enter every street of it but once you get out of it the street east of the bazaar on the way to Sultanahmet is also lined with jewelry shops.

The Egyptian (Spice) Market also has several jewelry stores but I mostly buy mine in the streets surrounding the Spice market. But be aware that there are also many stores who only do wholesale. If all that fails, you probably end up at one time or other on Beyoglu's Istiklal street anyway so you might as well shop there...


Unknown said...

my goodness, i'm so heady looking at these treasures.

Unknown said...

wow - this bazaar is like beeing in paradise! i would love to go there once, it looks like a LOT of fun!

Baśka said...

Nesli, i envy you this great opportunity, the jewellery looks super original! :)

Thomas said...

Hi Nesli, I am looking forward to your wrap up of IFW. I hope that you have a chance then to share who of the young designers you see doing great things in the future.

Also, if you are in the Cagaloglu area you might like to check out Sevan Bicakci's shop. The rings are amazing. A friend in common took me to see him and his work area. I am sure you can appreciate it much more than I.

Unknown said...

Wow! I like the jewellery pieces in these pics. They are so cool. I hope buying jewellery online would be fun, just as you did in Istanbul.

dsds said...

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