Aug 25, 2010

Istanbul Modern revisited: Dice Kayek Istanbul Contrast exhibition opening

Before visiting the newest exhibition at the Istanbul Modern by Dice Kayek called "Istanbul Contrast" I couldn't help but take another look at Hussein Chalayan's exhibition. Since it was the opening of a new exhibition, this time around I snapped some pictures.

This picture isn't a part of any of the exhibitions I talked about so far but the bookworm I am was totally in awe walking under those books hanging from the ceiling... But let's move on to what's really new at Istanbul Modern:

In the exhibition "Istanbul Contrast" Dice Kayek interprets the different and sometimes contradicting faces of the glorious history of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful blends of past and present. There are 26 designs under 12 different themes, each symbolizing a different vision of Istanbul.


"Doves are among the oldest residents of this city - free, serene, peaceful... They talk in a language of their own, live in a world of their own, beyond and above the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Birds coo and strut around the plazas. Some of us walk past them without paying any heed to their beauty while some others stop to talk to them in the language of doves.."


"The sunlight that reflects from Istanbul's myriad domes gets into your eyes sometimes. You stop and stare at the city, a serene smile etching itself onto your face. As chaotic and complicated is the urban landscape, the domes are always calm and peaceful."


"The residence of Ottoman Sultans for 400 years, a palace of splendor, glory, beauty and never-ending stories. Its home to magnificent tiles, courtyards, gates, gardens and gems... and secrets still waiting to be discovered."

Istanbul by Night

"Under the dark liquid sky while one Istanbul is fast asleep, the other Istanbul is fully awake. That is why they say this is a city that never sleeps. The cab drivers working night shifts know the many faces of Istanbul by night - it's colors, melodic contours, vigorous rhythm and strong will..."

Istanbul Flowers

"No one knows about love like the flowers of Istanbul... Since time immemorial they are the silent witnesses of our stories of love and longing. They are life-long companions in celebrations, greetings, joy and friendship. And among all the flowers that are dear to us Istanbulites, it is the tulip that this city loves most and we believe, tulips love this city too..."

Exhibition duration:
August 26 - September 19 2010


Jamie K. said...

absolutely amazing designs. the ceiling of books is mindf*cking! enjoyed ur posts :) awesome nail colour n ring

deryik said...

i have to say, it brings tears to my eyes reading about the designs, more than the pieces themselves. it just reminds me of the times i spent abroad, longing for istanbul and all these little details.

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