Aug 28, 2010

Istanbul Fashion Week: Day 4 Bahar Korcan


I took a step without knowing the name
Can’t see.
Broken lenses got mixed with the sand
Too much light, too little existence
Turn to yourself
Open your soul to the universe
Listen to every speck around you, every soul on a leaving journey
Close your eyes, listen!
Listen to the air
Listen to the soil
Listen to the time
Listen to the game
Discover the end

I rarely get a seat that good so I tried to take as many pictures as I could focusing on details. Bahar Korcan's show was quite different to the ones I attended so far beacuse it also involved a light show and a performance by the rapper Fuat.

I don't see myself as qualified enough to make profound statements about fashion and it's deeper meaning so you take from it whatever you want to. A couple of days earlier though I attended a panel at which the designer herself said that she had a rather critical approach to fast fashion and consumerism and wanted to remind people to slow down, "turn to themselves"and only surround themselves with things they really love as opposed to being insatiable. Even if I didn't like the creations that much (the details were intriguing though) I liked the theatrical touch of this show.



Unknown said...

mankenlerin maskelerini cok begendim cok degisik !!!

alis said...

Bu kadın hep böyle ya her koleksiyondan önce felsefi bir torba laf, ama işlere bakınca hayranlık uyandırıcı birşey yok. Hatta ben hep merak etmişimdir nasıl geçiniyor diye; giyilesi parça da yok çünkü bence.

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