Aug 26, 2010

Istanbul Fashion Week: Day 2

Bora Aksu S/S 2011

On the second day I only attended two shows, the first one being Atil Kutoglu and the second Bora Aksu.

London-based Turkish designer Bora Aksu has been part of the official schedule of London Fashion Feek since 2004 but this was his first catwalk show in Istanbul. The inspiration for his collection comes from Istanbul and its light, as the designer explains himself: "For me one of the best parts of Istanbul is the light that changes every single hour..." Consecuently the fabrics and colors chosen were also inspired by it: pastel colors that are divided by strong color blocks that create a strong contrast on light-reflecting materials like silk tulle, organza or brocade.

As much as I enjoyed the two shows I've been to today, I have a feeling that what I experience outside the shows is so much more fun than waiting in lines to get into the venue, for instance. Today I met Pelayo amongst others and had a really good time!

A little note for my sister :)

I love buying rings in Istanbul, this one is my newest.

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zwillingsherz said...

toll. toll. toll.
ufem zwoite bild gsehsch so herzig us :)
ond super nagellack ond de ring esch au so schön.

Tessi said...

what a hansom man!! And im completely in love with your ring! That nailpolish matches it so well!!


Jasmin said...

Hach gehe im Herbst nach Antalya, hoffe dort finde ich auch solche schönen Schmuckstücke :)

Cinja said...

der ring ist wirklich schön...muss auch mal wieder nach istanbul!!

Amalina said...

Oh Pelayo is so cute! Hahaha how come your sister got a special mention??? Lol I'm sure you had lots of fun at Istanbul Fashion Week! xo

maria said...

how exciting when you are invited to any fashion week!!!
Have a wonderful time there!

TokyoBlondes Alice&Debora said...

amazing pictures girl :) I really love them and your blog too !


TokyoBlondes Alice&Debora said...

Hello girl :)

Love these pictures, too amazing and I also love your blog !
I'm a Swiss fashion blogger too and I'm really happy to see that you have your place in a fashion week :) !!!!!!

if you want check out my blog


alis said...

Your ring is so, so pretty with your matching nails :)

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