Jul 27, 2010

MNY Giveaway: Beautiful, imaginative, daring

Some time ago a package was sent my way including some products of the fairly new young line by Maybelline called MNY. This line makes every girls heart beat faster who likes to experiment with lots of colors for a low price. In fact there are 143 products in seven color palettes, all for under 4 Swiss francs (3 euros). Let’s have a closer look at the nail polishes, blushes, kajals, eyeshadows, lip balms and glosses…

You all know by now my thing for colorful nails. MNY has 39 polishes to choose from, some of them with or without glitter. I prefer polishes without glitter so from the ones I tried so far the bright yellow (No.749, in the picture above) has to be my favorite. It’s perfect for bronzed skin in summer!

Giveaway package:
I made a little package with some products for you to try out as well. It includes a shimmery green nail polish (no. 753), peachy blush (No 301), a glittery pink lip gloss flacon (no. 577), a blue lip gloss tube (No. 690) and a golden eyeshadow (No 713).

Here's a better picture of the nail polish that I'm giving away, it's lighter than in the first picture with a yellowy shimmer.

Everyone has a chance to win the package (worldwide!), just leave your name and email address in the comments section and the winner will be chosen in a week, Tuesday August 3. Good luck!

Some shots of the MNY counter at Manor, Bahnhofstrasse/ Zurich. There's almost an infinite amount of colors to choose from!


Jul 24, 2010

Waiting for another summer's day

I started really late with my sales shopping this season but went a little bit crazy the last two days. A parka was on my wishlist for a long time, so I consider this one as a good purchase. To be honest I'm enjoying dressing a little autumnal but only because I tell myself that summer will be fully back with it's 30 degrees. I'm not done yet with swimming in the Limmat river and having BBQ's outside...

Parka: Zara
Shirt: COS
Boots: Friis & Company

Vogue Paris August 2010 issue

Ring: from Istanbul

♥ for all.

Jul 23, 2010

I like rain, actually.

First of all also sorry for my lack of posts as well. You might think I was on vacation but unfortunately that's not true at all. I'm still in Zurich, working and doing some Uni related stuff and trying to develop a little bit of a sun-kissed skin. I completely failed at the latter even though it was pretty sunny and hot the last couple of weeks, so I definitely can't complain that it cooled down 15°C in just one day.

So what's new is basically this: Two weeks ago I got a 4 month old kitten that brings me unexpected joy. I got a tattoo, which isn't completely done yet and I also got a SLR camera yesterday which was long due. We took these pictures without reading the manual and I didn't really want to post them but I thought after almost a whole month of absence I should be back again... I wish all of you a lovely weekend and promise to blog more often! ^^

Bag: Maison Mollerus

Shorts: H&M Garden collection

Blouse: Vero Moda


pants - zara, shirt - rannie, sandals - new yorker, ring - point six, earstuds - secondhand, bracelets - h&m/fleamarket/korean shop


Jul 17, 2010

Coffee break

It's raining non-stop outside. Perfect "stay at home and drink coffee and surf on the internet"-weather.
Source: we heart it


Jul 14, 2010

JeJu Island

I'm in Seoul again ^^
Sorry for the sparse blogging and lack of outfit posts, but it's so hot and humid here in Seoul! The weather makes it almost impossible to try out different outfits without sweating...
Last week my family and I flew to JeJu Island - Asia's Hawaii hehe!
Here are some photos I took:

MISSHA Big Summer Sale ^^

under eye brightner - light beige
matte lipstick - no. BE 02 satin sugar
I think I will wear this lipstick every day! It's a peachy color, very easy to apply and it doesn't make your lips look dry unlike many matte lipsticks!

Jul 3, 2010

Saturday's Inspiration: Big Wavy Hair

"Hair style is the final tip-off, whether or not a woman really knows herself." - Hubert De Givenchy

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