Jun 19, 2010

Studio Secrets Professional

Yesterday I was invited to a departement store in Zurich where the new L'Oréal line Studio Secrets Professional was launched. It is the first professional line from L'Oréal aimed to make the products professionals use available for consumers at an affordable price.

The secret of a professional makeup is without doubt a flawless complexion to begin with. But how can we achieve that airbrushed, glowy look at home on our own? Let's have a look at the new products of the line:

The High Definition Smoothing Foundation comes together with a really soft precision brush, which is very practical. It blends the smooth foundation into the skin, resulting in perfectly even coverage. I like the easy application of this product: once shaked well, you can load the brush with foundation and dab it onto the face and then work in with the brush or your fingers. In my opinion it is better suited for normal and dry skin but for those like me who want a matter overall look, there are some other products to use along.

Contouring is one of the oldest practices in the makeup industry yet one of the most frequently left-out steps in makeup applications. It creates a sense of balance, adding definition to your makeup with color. Contrary to belief, contouring is always done with some shade of brown, as the makeup artist explained to me. There are two different Sculpting Blush duos (above in the left side corner) to make it easier to find coordinated shades to highlight your cheekbones and contour your face.

This is the Anti-Shine Mattifying primer of the line and also one of the products I got myself. It acts like a second skin and feels weightless on your face. You apply it in little dabs onto shiny areas such as your forehead, nose and chin and smooth it towards the outside of the face. Since I have a mixed/oily skin I really look forward to using this product before my foundation.

The Smoothing resurfacing primer has a beautifully pleasant, creamy texture and it felt so velvety when applied to the skin. It's designed to make wrinkles and pores less visible so it also totally won me over.

In the background you can see another product from the line, the Anti-redness primer. I haven't tried this one but it uses the logic to obey the laws of complementary colors: to neutralise a shade simply apply its complementary shade. For example this green tinted primer reduces the appearance of red, giving the skin a more even tone.

I have never been shy to try out unexpected colors but many makeup artists agree that dark blue eyeshadow goes great with my dark brown eyes. Nevertheless I have tried different shades on the back of my hand and was surprised how some colors look totally different than in the pan. So I suggest you try them out too because what might scare you off at first might look totally great on you!

This is me with my makeup artist Yves, who did a great job!

Overall I really had a great time testing the new products and since I'm always curious to find out about new makeup techniques this line has some great products! What about you, do you use a primer/base before your foundation?


Jasmin said...

ahh du Glückliche :)

Den Anti-Shine Mattifying primer muss ich mir auch zulegen, gehöre doch auch eher zu den Öligen :(

Giulia Alborghetti & Stefania Finassi said...

Love this post:)


Anonymous said...

goos products at a good price that is always a good thing!


alis said...

Nice products, but they're all off-limits for me as L'oreal is one of the top companies that still choose to torture animals by practicing testing on animals.

I don't want to spoil your mood with links to pictures of these unimaginable horrors. So here's a link for finding out which companies test, and which don't:


Mellon Rhum said...

I usually use, primer before the tinted mosturizer as I don't use foundation on summer!
My primer is from Sephora, I am really looking forward to using a green concealer, I may give a chance to that one!
Thanks for the tips!

Sarah Dee said...

I usually use a primer by boots no7. It works fabulously! love your review of the makeup, im gonna have to check it out!


Unknown said...

I do, I used to use smashbox's primer but now I bought too faced, both of them are good.

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Sarah Dee: I used the Shine Free Make-up Base by Boots No7 as well some time ago but I had the feeling that my foundation went a bit patchy after, but it really helped to keep my shiny areas matte!

@ Moda Cadisi: Oh I never tried anything by Smashbox or Too faced but I heard good things about them, too!


Anonymous said...

Thats a gorgeous skirt your wearing <3 Which brand is it from??

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@Anonymous: Thanks! I bought it in Paris in a shop called Etam. I have no clue if it's available anywhere else, though.

<3 Nesli

cerryy said...

bu anti shine mattifiying primer i kullandın mı ??
we sonucundan mennunmusun,
bende bir parlayan, yağlı cilt tipi sahibi olarak bilmek istiyorum :)

Anonymous said...

Can I ask which store that is? Would like to go and check them out :)

Styleseeking Zurich said...

@ Cerry: Kusura bakma gec cevap veriyorum ama simdi 10 gün denedikten sonra daha iyi cevap verebilirim diye düsündüm! :) Sabahlari bu ürünü kullandiktan sonra yinede öglene dogru burnum parlamaya basliyor ama bi kere pudra uyguladiktan sonra aksama kadar makyajim bozulmuyor. Özellikle alligin bu sekilde daha kalici oldugunu farkettim ve genel olarak da fondöten daha güzel sürülüyor ve uzun ömürlü oluyor!

@ Anonymous: I took these pictures at Manor (Bahnhofstrasse) but I suppose they should be anywhere available where they sell Loreal products!


Gordon said...

Thanks very much :) Will check it out!


hat er dich geschminkt?sieht super aus!

nayan said...

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