Jun 12, 2010

Le sombre Paris

When we booked our short trip to Paris some months ago, we thought to ourselves "Oh it must be so lovely in June, walking around in airy dresses, enjoying coffee and crèpes outside, lying in the parks under sunny blue skies" Well our first day was totally different. It was raining all day long and many touristics sites were almost empty (which came in handy, I have to admit).

Here are some gloomy pictures I took on our first day in Paris, sprinkled with a few outfit pictures inbetween:


Jacket: Clockhouse
Pearl necklace: vintage (from my mom)
Silver necklace: COS


Bag: vintage (from my aunt)
Skirt: Zara

At a café in Montmartre

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel



Unknown said...

resimler cok güezl !!! bide etegin cok hos !!

Tessi said...

pretty Nesli! I love your outfit and I love Paris<3

x Tessi


Unknown said...

Havaya rağmen oldukça güzel görünüyor :))

Secondhand Stella said...

That's too bad about the weather but I love your outfit!

Cinja said...

<3 Paris...

der rock ist toll!

Anonymous said...

Omg, the architecture pictures are wonderful. The almost invisible rainbow is great! Love the 2nd pic most! Fantastic job!

xoxo Sandra

Jess said...

These make me sooo excited to go back next year Nesli. Adore your s too xx

FashionHippieLoves said...

wunderschön, sowohl die Stadt, als auch dein Outfit, liebe Nesli!


Maren said...

Paris <3 had one day like that when I was there in April/May. Hopefully, it'll be warm and sunny the rest of your trip :)

L to the Aura said...

tolle bilder!

Jen Hsieh said...

these pictures are gorgeous and i'm loving the outfit! that vintage bag is awesome! :)

Diana said...

Mega schöni Föteli! Werde so em Herbst gah, freu mi! Uf jede Fall no vel Spass en Paris!

The Frocker said...

What's funny is that Paris still looks beautiful! And so do you :P Hope you had a good time, regardless of the rain!

Tereza Š. said...

i wish i could go to paris...and i love your jacket!

Lesley said...

Ahh I'm still jealous you're in PARIS!!! Hope the weather gets better!

Giulia Alborghetti & Stefania Finassi said...


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

The Arc de Triomphe never fails to amaze me.

And your outfit is adorable!

Teresa said...

Haha, these gloomy pics look like the ones I took the last time I went! Bah the rain! Oh well, at least you got to prance around in Paris!


Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

richtig schöne Bilder!

Anonymous said...

Hava'nin kötü olmasina ragmen, outfit'ini yine süper uydurmussun ve Paris'e yakisir giyinmissin :)


Gigi said...

Those are very nice images I went to paris a while ago but my images are not as nice hahaha
I have a purse just like the one youre wearing
Ill think of your blog next time Ill wear it

Anonymous said...

thanks girls!:)
i painted my face with khôl and red lipstick (the points)

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